Authorities said cats were found wandering in this home in western Texas County.

Authorities seized nearly three dozen animals from a Texas County residence and charged the homeowner with their abuse.

After recently receiving multiple citations from the Texas County Sheriff’s Department for incidents involving her dogs killing a neighbor’s chickens, Cindy Meeks, 43, of 11208 Polk Lane in Mountain Grove, was issued another animal abuse citation last Tuesday for failure to provide adequate food and water.

Meeks was given the citation after an officer observed about 20 dogs and nine cats inside her residence, and several more outside, none of which had proper access to food or water, authorities said.

The officer said that there didn’t appear to be any food available for any of the animals and only a small container of water inside the home. He also stated that in addition to the large number of animals indoors, several dogs were seen running loose outside Meeks’ residence, and that one was in a pen and several others were tied to trees.

Three dead dogs were also reportedly observed near the ones tied to trees.

The officer stated that large amounts of feces and urine were found throughout the home and that roaches were crawling on walls and maggots were in several spots on the kitchen floor.

Personnel from The Animal Shelter of Texas County accompanied the officer, and arrangements were made for the animals to be seized.

Meeks told a shelter representative, according to a report, that she wished to forfeit the animals because her home was in foreclosure and she didn’t have the funds to care for them.


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