Judges with the Missouri Community Betterment Program hear a presentation last year about the Y.O.U.T.H. organization in Houston. That's sponsor Maggie Jadwin, right,  visiting with them. (File photo)

A past winner several times, Houston earlier submitted a project book of highlights over the last 12 months. This week’s visit featured more details at the Houston Storm Shelter and a tour of the town. 

Elaine Campbell, the city’s development director, was the host for the day; the theme revolved around magic.

Members of the youth arm of Houston Community Betterment and Arts Council highlighted their activities during the last year during a presentation. The group won first in its division last year.

Ted Scroggins of the local betterment group highlighted continued progress at what was once know as the “county poor farm.” Overgrown before the start of the project, the property is a burial site for many indigents. He said 21 have been identified and there may be as many as 60 there.

A program that connected children at the Houston School District to bicycling and walking safety was highlighted. Every elementary student received a T-shirt, bicycle helmet and a CD. Principals Amy and Scott Dill coordinated the program at the school district with help from Campbell, Delbert Campbell and officer Brad Evans of the Houston Police Department.

Alice Wells described the betterment group’s success in hosting a stage production at the Houston Community Building on North U.S. 63. Locals provided the props and a group from Willow Springs entertained about 150.

Tommy Gale, an organizer with last year’s success Civil War re-enactment, described the event. The activity enhanced interest in history and brought revenue into the city, he said. The event returns in 2012.

TCMH CEO Wes Murray outlined an $18 million expansion of the hospital’s campus that will begin next week. Murray said the 59,000 square foot project will enhance the already big impact the institution has on the local and county economies.

Winners in the contest will be named next month in Jefferson City.


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