About a dozen workers escaped injury Sunday afternoon when a processing plant burst into flames at Mountain Grove.

The fire occurred at the 3G Processing Plant. Employees smelled smoke and were able to get out of the building before explosions began in the warehouse in the industrial park. Smoke and flames could be seen for a distance.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

3G Processing is owned by the Grisham family, which also has operated Grisham Farm Products in the Mountain Grove area since 1994. 3G Processing takes food waste each day from some of Grisham Farm Products’ biggest clients, including Tyson, Con-Agra and General Mills. The company transports the material to its operation in Mountain Grove, where it is recycled primarily into chicken feed.

Feed products produced by 3G Processing are marketed back to food companies across the country. 3G’s transport of excess food waste material from the clients of Grisham Farm Products saves the companies the annual cost of transporting the material to landfills.

The company had announced expansion plans last fall that would have brought nearly 100 new jobs to the area. But the owners say those plans will be delayed because of the fire.

Gov. Jay Nixon toured the site last November after the businesses promised an outlay of about $6 million in capital investment. The state contributed $305,907 in tax credits.


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