Officers were called to a Highway C location last week near Licking after a man found an intruder. 

A trespasser held at gunpoint by a Licking man escaped before officers arrived last week.

At about 9:30 p.m. last Thursday, a 49-year-old Licking man called the Texas County Sheriff’s Department to report that he was holding an intruder at gunpoint at his Highway C residence.

The suspect reportedly got away before an officer arrived.

The man told the investigating officer that he had heard his dog barking outside and went into his barn armed with a handgun. He said he encountered a white male in the barn and was able to get him back into the house and call the sheriff’s department.

The man stated that as he was giving a description of the intruder over the phone, the intruder ran from the residence. The man said he fired six shots in the direction of the fleeing intruder, not to hit him, but to scare him so he might stop.

The responding deputy and a Licking police officer searched the property, but did not find the suspect.

The man described the intruder as being in his late 20s, having a thin mustache, and wearing a brown Carhartt hoodie and blue jeans.

The man stated that nothing was missing from his property.


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