A county officer was hurt last week while investigating a domestic violence call. 

A county officer was injured Sept. 28 when investigating a domestic abuse call in Houston.

An officer responded at about 1 a.m. to the report at 16247 Robertson Drive.

Upon arrival, the officer observed a 32-year-old woman with visible neck injuries who stated that she and a man had been drinking and fighting.

As a result of the incident, Terry White, 27, whose address is unknown, was arrested and issued citations for third-degree assault, third-degree assault on a law officer, failure to stop or obey a lawful order by a police officer and resisting or interfering with arrest.

The officer stated that he sustained injury to his right hand while White resisted being handcuffed and that White had slapped, pushed and choked the female victim.

White was taken to the Texas County Jail, and a report of the incident was to be sent to the county prosecutor.

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