Winners in the afternoon show at the Miss Texas County Scholarship Pageant were, from left: Madison Thomas, tiny; Katelynn Smith, little; Moraeah Arthur, petite; and Indiana Morning, preteen.

Shelby Ringdahl was crowned Miss Texas County 2012 at Saturday’s annual Miss Texas County Scholarship Pageant.

More than 300 people attended the afternoon and evening shows inside the community building at the Houston Area Chamber of Commerce Fairgrounds. Sydney Friar, Miss Missouri 2011, entertained the crowd with a song she will be performing in January while competing for the title of Miss America.

Hailey Dodson, a sophomore at Houston High School, was crowned Miss Texas County’s Outstanding Teen. She and Ringdahl will compete in June for their respective state titles in Mexico, Mo.

Winners in each category from Saturday’s pageant were:

–Tiny Miss Texas County: Madison Thomas; runner-up: Samantha Brown; second runner-up: Emily Young; photogenic: Allie Campbell; photogenic runner-up: Samantha Bowin; photogenic second runner-up: Ashley McGowan.

–Little Miss Texas County: Katelynn Smith; runner-up: Morgan Farris; second runner-up: Emily Cross; third runner-up: Dezarae Owens; fourth runner-up: Emma Ball; photogenic; Ball and Ashlynn Ramsey; photogenic runner-up: Cross; photogenic second runner-up: Novey Goforth and AriAnna Wolford.

–Petite Miss Texas County: Moraeah Arthur; runner-up: Elizabeth Turpin; second runner-up: Abby Cole; third runner-up: Jaden Stell; fourth runner-up: Kimberly Bradshaw; photogenic: Stell and Kellsi Gayer; photogenic runner-up: Aliyah Walker and Sierra Wolford; photogenic second runner-up: Kimberly Bradshaw and Amelia McKinney.

–PreTeen Miss Texas County: Indiana Morning; runner-up: Sevanna Rowland; second runner-up: Alexis Fuwell.

–Miss Texas County’s Outstanding Teen: Dodson; runner-up: Kayla Shriver.

–Miss Texas County: Ringdahl; runner-up: Tori Morein.

Scholarships were provided by: The Bank of Houston, Progressive Ozark Bank, Community Bank N.A., VIP Properties, Delbert and Elaine Campbell and Records Accounting.

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