The Texas County Sheriff's Department has been called to investigate several thefts in the county. 

The Texas County Sheriff’s Department investigated numerous reports of theft during the past week.

The calls came from many different locations around the county and involved a wide variety of items and objects.

The following are matters dealt with last week by the sheriff’s department:

Oct. 25

–A Plato man called to report neglected and abused horses at a property near Highway AW and Palace Road. An officer observed that the horses were in good condition, had hay and water, and there were no signs of abuse.

Oct. 27

–A man called to report starving horses at a property at Highway 32 and Ware Road. An officer observed healthy horses that had food and water.

–An officer investigated a reported theft at a Dogwood Road residence at Mountain Grove. A 60-year-old woman living there told the officer that she had evicted a couple a few days earlier and that when they left, they did damage to the home and stole a stove valued at $550.

The officer took photographs of the damage. A report was sent to the prosecuting attorney’s office.

Oct. 28

–A Houston man called to report a burglary at his Brushy Creek Road residence.

An investigating officer determined that the man’s wife had recently moved out and had taken several items of electronics when she left.

The wife was texting the man while the officer was present and confirmed that she had taken the items.

The officer advised the man that no charges could be filed against her and that it was a civil matter.

Oct. 29

–A Houston man called to report that his neighbors were fighting at their Rusty Drive residence. An officer made contact with the neighbors who stated they had been arguing over car keys. The officer advised them to stop.

Oct. 30

–A Licking woman called to report trash dumped on her Boone Creek Road property.

An investigating officer observed several bags of trash, a mattress and a chair in the yard next to the driveway. Receipts from purchases made with an AFDC card were found in the bags. The officer stated that an attempt would be made to identify and contact the suspect via the receipts.

–A 70-year-old Licking man called to report an attempted break-in at his Highway 32 residence.

The man told an investigating officer that when he returned from having gone to town, he found scratches in his door. He also stated that he had shot at men dressed in black on several occasions and he knows they want to get into his home. He said that sheriff’s deputies have responded to his calls in the past, but the investigating officer was unable to verify that claim.

The officer stated that there was rust in the scratches on the man’s travel-trailer residence and they had probably not happened recently. Neighbors told the officer that they have not heard the man shooting at anyone.

–A Mountain View man reported that a half tank of gas and 10 CDs had been stolen from his truck while it was parked next to the shop building at his Highway Y residence.

–A Houston man came to the TCSD office to report that a game camera valued at $150 and deer stand valued at $200 had been stolen from his German Road property.

–A Yukon woman called to report that building material had been stolen from the shop building at her Big Creek Road property.

The woman told an officer that two windows, 2 ½ rolls of insulation, four sheets of plywood, six doors and miscellaneous wood had been taken, with a total value of $1,000.

The woman told an officer that the shop is secure and nobody had been in it for several months. The officer observed no signs of forced entry and stated that there were no suspects.

–A Mountain Grove man reported that two radiators valued at $400 had been stolen from vehicles at his Little Creek Road property. The man stated he had located the items at a recycling business in Mountain Grove.

Oct. 31

–An officer reported that on Oct. 26 he had been contacted by a deputy from the Maries County Sheriff’s Department who stated that he had information indicating that a trailer that had been stolen in Maries County was at a Highway C scrap yard at Licking. The Maries County deputy requested that the Texas County officer go to the location and photograph the trailer.

The officer responded to the scrap yard and photographed it. A female employee there told the officer that a 25-year-old Edgar Springs man had brought the trailer.

The information and photos were forwarded to Maries County.


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