Dr. B.C. Taylor

When Dr. B.C. “Bernie” Taylor, of Taylor Veterinary Clinic in Houston, headed out to Summersville on Sept. 27 to assist a cow with a birth, the veteran of 41 years in the business couldn’t possibly have seen what was coming.

But what seemed to be a routine calving call turned out to be anything but that when Taylor pulled the remains of Siamese twins out of the mother animal.

While there’s no record of such twin calves ever surviving, even the occurrence is almost unheard of in the United States.

“I’d never heard of it and I didn’t even know it happened,” Taylor said. “My wife looked it up on the Internet, and the last recorded Siamese twins were in 1971. It’s extremely rare – one in several million.”

The unusual situation took place at the property of Russell Combs on Highway 106 near Summersville.

When Taylor probed the three-year-old mother animal (who had had a normal birth before), he could tell he was dealing with something out of the ordinary. When the “mess” came out, he was amazed.

“I looked at it and I said, ‘my God, what a freak,'” he said. “Then I looked again and I said, ‘Russell, that’s Siamese twins. I’ve never seen such a thing.'”

The unlucky siblings were joined at the sternum.

“They were both there, it’s just that were joined,” Taylor said. “That’s hands down the strangest thing I’ve seen in my career – or ever will see.”

That’s hands down the strangest thing I’ve seen in my career -or ever will see.”

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