A rendering of what an awning will look like in downtown Houston. 

An effort to transplant a county hospital awning set for demolition to a downtown Houston plaza is under way, organizers report.

Construction work began today.

The hospital awning will move it to Lone Star Plaza at First and Pine streets in Houston, said Kathy Richardson, who is chairing the effort for the organization.

The hospital is contributing the awning because it won’t be incorporated in an $18 million construction project under way.

The canopy has a hardwood interior, arched iron beams and copper-finish roof. Downtown Houston Inc. plans to place it downtown to accommodate a growing farmers market and other community activities, such as summer concerts, band concerts, reunions and other events.

Downtown Houston Inc. retained an engineering firm to assist with the project and raised funds for the effort. The City of Houston also is assisting financially.

Persons or businesses that would like to contribute can call Richardson at 417-967-6745 or 417-967-4660 or drop a check to Downtown Houston Inc., P.O. Box 170, Houston, Mo. 65483. Contributions are tax deductible.

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