Members of the Houston City Council met Monday night at city hall.

Members of the Houston City Council

discussed new regulations Monday aimed at better regulating

animals. More work and input are planned.

One bill — on definitions — was read

and two others will receive further review and deal with two and

four-legged critters: Swine and roosters are out; six chickens will

be allowed under the proposed measures.

Unless zoned agriculture or outlined

under an exception, swine, roosters, ponies, horses, mules,

jennets, bulls, cows, calves, skunks, ducks, geese, pigeons,

turkeys are out.

Other points in the original


•It is unlawful to keep more six

chickens or other domestic fowl over the age of four months or more

than 10 rabbits or other small animals over the age of four months

within 25 feet of a dwelling of humans.

•Odors and proper care of fowl and

small animals also are highlighted.

•An except is made for ponies and

horses in the city if there are three or more contiguous acres or

to cattle on five or more contiguous acres.

•No person living in a residential

zoned area should own or harbor more than five cats and/or five

dogs. Those with more can own them until their ownership


•Impounded cats or dogs will be kept

five days before they are disposed.

Notice will be posted at city hall

notifying the public of impounded animals or if the owner is known,

they will be contacted. The impound fee is $10 per day.

•Owners of cats or dogs running

at-large may be cited.

•No one can keep or harbor a dog or

cat that habitually barks or cries between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Damage to lawns, gardens and other property won’t be tolerated.

•No person can keep or harbor a cat or

dog that does not have a current rabies vaccination.

•The ordinance defines vicious animals

and places restrictions on where they can be kept.

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