Bob Parker

Bob Parker, the rancher from the small town of Raymondville, is throwing his hat in the 8th district congressional ring – again.

His 2010 bid for the seat earned him 35 percent of the Republican primary vote across the district against 15-year incumbent Rep. Jo Ann Emerson.

Parker, who has been endorsed by the Tea Party, has spoken at many events across Southern Missouri with his message of cutting spending and restoring fiscal sanity back in Washington.

“Enough is enough. America can do better,” Parker said. “It seems the Washington professionals in both parties are just too ingrained with the special interests and refuse to listen to the people. As a businessman, I know we are being regulated and trade dealed to death. It seems no one is really working for the little guy anymore. I want to stand up for what is good and right for America. We must have free markets. Let’s stop the bailouts and balance the budget and get to work putting America back to work.”

Parker put 26,000 miles on his silver F150 during the last election cycle and plans to build on his growing support.

“As a cattle farmer, I know doing anything takes work,” he said. “I am used to work. My years fighting for property rights and speaking out for those who can’t has been my calling. I am fighting for the country I love and the principals I believe in. I hope this time the media will cover my campaign. It has been a challenge to raise money as a Washington outsider but I believe when people get to know me and realize I really care about what we are facing as a nation, they will support me.”

Enough is enough. America can do better.”

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