Charges are sought in a family fued, authorities said.

A 42-year-old Mountain Grove man faces several charges after a Nov. 19 incident involving he and his 69-year-old father.

County authorities say they’ve investigated the theft of cattle, burning bales and shots fired in the neighborhood.

On Nov. 22, a Texas County Sheriff’s Department deputy was dispatched to a Welch Road residence regarding a reported cattle theft.

Upon arrival near County Line Road, the officer observed about 40 to 50 cattle coming up the road being followed by a white truck – a vehicle familiar to the officer who had been called to past incidents involving the man.

The officer activated his emergency lights and siren to stop the truck and make contact with its driver, but then noticed that the vehicle was beginning to back up.

The officer avoided a collision and possible injury by quickly backing his patrol vehicle up. He then pursued the truck when it once again moved forward.

When the truck finally did come to a stop, the driver got out, but then refused to cooperate. In a struggle that ensued, the suspect used his body to assault the officer and got back into the truck, driving away at a high rate of speed.

The officer gave chase, and saw the man pull into his driveway and run into his house. The man again failed to cooperate, refusing orders to come outside.

The man’s wife eventually exited, and told the officer that she was afraid of what her husband might do to her if she let him inside the home. She stated she was leaving and would would seek somewhere else to stay.

The officer made contact with the man’s father, who said he has had ongoing problems and is not on speaking terms with his son. He stated that he believed his son had fired six shots at him from a distance during the incident, and that he and his wife had hit the ground in fear.

The officer elected to leave the scene and send detailed reports to the Texas County prosecuting attorney. No names have been released, because no charges have yet been filed.

On Nov. 21, the officer again made contact with the wife, who said her husband was in Las Vegas and that she would be removing her belongings from the home while he was gone.

The officer also spoke again with the father, who stated that he feared for his life.

On the day of the incident, several of the father’s friends eventually helped get the cattle – valued at $36,000 – back where they belonged. Two gates, valued at $500, also were reported damaged.

The deputy involved submitted probable cause statements to the prosecuting attorney for the following charges against the son: two counts of second-degree assault, two counts of felony resisting arrest, stealing animals, unlawful use of a weapon, two counts of third-degree domestic assault, first-degree trespassing and second-degree property damage.

In a separate report, the same officer stated that he had been dispatched to the father’s residence on Nov. 11 regarding a hay bale fire.

The father stated 60 bales of hay, valued at $50 each, had been burned. The officer counted the burned bales, and found an empty gas can at the scene, which he took as evidence.


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