Authorities investigated property damage and made an arrest Saturday, Nov. 10. 

A Texas County officer reported Nov. 26 he had gone to a Dekalb Lane residence in Evening Shade regarding a reported burglary and property damage.

The officer stated that a 21-year-old female resident told him that she had been in the process of moving out of the home and had not been there in a few days.

She said that when she returned, she found her Xbox game system on the front porch and her front door open. She stated that she went inside and found that the entire house had been trashed and that barbecue sauce had been poured onto her TV and stereo system.

She told the officer that she had seen a canoe and trampoline of hers at a home a couple of doors down the street. The officer went to that residence and spoke to a male juvenile and his mother.

The boy reportedly told the officer that he, his brother and a cousin were responsible for the incident. The officer stated that a report would be sent to the county juvenile office.

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