An investigation into drugs swiped at a doctor's office is under way, Houston police say.

The Houston Police Department is investigating a burglary at a Houston medical facility and property damage at a downtown pawnshop, incidents that may have been related.

Officers were dispatched at 7:50 a.m. Nov. 17 to Dale Family Medicine on South Sam Houston Blvd. after a burglary report.

A representative showed the officers a door to the building that had been damaged and stated that numerous bottles of medication had been stolen, along with a few other items, including syringes.

An investigating officer stated that locks on drawers in the medication room had been broken, and that various items were strewn about in three offices.

At virtually the same time as the break-in at the doctor’s office occurred, property damage took place at the Double R Pawnshop on Grand Avenue.

The police report about the burglary states that the pawnshop incident was possibly a diversionary tactic.


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