Doug Libla

A Poplar Bluff businessman has announced his intention to seek the Republican party’s nomination for the Missouri Senate in the newly-drawn 33rd district.

Doug Libla, co-owner of Poplar Bluff-based Mid Continent Nail Corp., is a rural conservative. The 59-year-old cites strong pro-life, pro-gun rights and anti-tax increase beliefs. His campaign will focus on improving education and job training opportunities and working to attract more family-sustaining careers, he said.

“I am pleased that district lines are finalized, and I am eager to continue spreading our message of job creation, tax cuts, reduced government spending and protection of our freedoms,” Libla said. “As I travel this district, the message I hear from people is clear. Professional politicians have failed us, and regulations and taxed are robbing our family farms, small businesses and job seekers of the opportunity to succeed and prosper.”

Libla and his wife, Elaine, are natives of Wayne County and live in Butler County. They have a married daughter and two grandsons. They are lifelong members of the First Baptist Church in Poplar Bluff as well as many civic organizations.

The new 33rd senate district, unveiled by a judicial panel earlier this month – incorporates Butler, Carter, Dent, Howell, Oregon, Ripley, Shannon and Texas counties.

To date, Libla said he has raised more than $200,000 in campaign funds from concerned citizens.

As stated on Libla’s website:

-Running as a conservative Republican for the Missouri StateSenate in the 33rd District.

-Real-World business and job creation experience.

-Co-Owner of Mid Continent Nail Corporation.

-Will work diligently to help our family owned farms andbusinesses.

-Pro Life * Pro Gun * Pro Education * Pro Business

-Anti-tax increases

-Will fight for improving the quality and economic life for allfamilies.

-Will investigate fraud and misuse of taxpayer’s money.

-Will expect government departments to operate and beaccountable to the citizens.

-Will fight the overreaching of Federal Government in citizenspersonal lives.

-Will fight against the on-going encroachment of the FederalGovernment into States rights.

-Will continue the fight in keeping the “The American Dream”alive, for all to seek.

-First time to ever run for any political office.

-Will not become a career politician.

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