Having worked in Internet marketing and development since 1985, Vern Six has compiled a wealth of knowledge in the field.

The soon-to-be full-time Texas County resident recently decided to use some of that know-how to create a couple of websites he feels can be of benefit to a significant number of people nationwide. And anyone who wants to take advantage of them can do so for free.

Launched late last year, one of the sites is, which is designed to notify people when a traveler doesn’t arrive at their destination at a predetermined time. Basically, someone planning a wilderness hike, camping trip or cross country road trip can log on and enter contact information of people they want notified should they not reach a certain point at a specified time.

If the traveler hasn’t logged back on and deactivated the alert by that time, messages will automatically be sent to the contacts. Contacts can be alerted by standard email or by cell phone text message.

The intention is to perhaps save lives.

“We had our first real alert four days after the site was up,” Six said. “A lady driving across Michigan had a flat tire. She didn’t have a cell phone, but sure enough, someone got a message and came and got her.”

The other free website Six recently rolled out is

The concept behind that one is to develop a directory of local residents or businesses with things to sell or services to offer. Sale listings could be anything from fresh eggs or milk, to furniture in the inventory of a local furniture store, while services could include babysitting or whatever else a local person might have to offer.

“It could be any variety of things,” Six said. “But I would personally rather buy anything I can from someone from my own community than from a big-box store, and I’d always rather do business locally whenever I can. There are a lot of people who feel that way, and this will give them a way to find out what’s available locally.”

The site will allow people to control the range and distance of their search area by entering a zip code. Directory listings can be created free of charge.

Six and his wife, Ranae, currently have a home in Texas, but split their time between living there and in a small cabin on land they’ve purchased near Bucyrus, where construction will soon begin on a larger house. The Sixes are active in missionary work and have made multiple trips to Guatemala for that purpose. Their plans for life in Texas County include creating their next missionary project – “The Lazy Six Ranch” – a summer camp near Fort Leonard Wood.

Six has been a computer software developer for more than 25 years, getting his start in the United States Army as the senior information management officer for the PATRIOT Missile Department. He has developed online applications for many large, well-known companies and is active in helping squash the security problems that plague the Internet today. He has been contracted by companies including CNN, ABC and Southwest Airlines to help thwart internet attacks on their systems and is the former host of the nationally syndicated radio talk show, “Business and Technology Hour.”

With a history of extensive travel, Six has visited five continents and more than 80 countries around the world. He was born and raised in Iowa, but spent major portions of his life living in England and Guatemala — all while working for clients remotely.

“That’s what I love best about my career,” Six said. “I can work wherever I plug in a computer and have an Internet connection. My wife and I recently took a two-year RV trip across every state west of the Mississippi River, except North Dakota. With a satellite dish for Internet and phone, I always had an office.

“What a great time — and I was absolutely more productive than some poor sap stuck at a 9-5 wearing a sticky coat and tie.”

The idea for more or less stemmed from Six’s own mobile lifestyle.

“My family sometimes gets bored with me saying, ‘I’m going up this mountain,’ or ‘I’m going to this backwoods area, and if I don’t return, send someone to get me,'” he said.

The site is presently in use in about 22 countries and has been utilized by many types of travelers.

A fishing trip to Montauk State Park in the mid 1980s gave Six his first glimpse of Texas County and the surrounding area. He didn’t know then that he was there for opening day of trout season.

“I got in my tent one night, and when I woke up the next morning there were anglers of all types all over the place,” Six said. “I’m like, ‘Oh my.’

“But Ranae and I absolutely love the area. We’ve gotten such a great reception from everyone we’ve met there, and we’re really looking forward to making it our home.”

Some local organizations and agencies have already received online assistance from Six, as he has worked on web issues and improvements with the Houston Area Chamber of Commerce, the Texas County commission and Wri-Tex 911.

“I’m just donating all that work,” he said. “I figure if I’m going to live there, I’ve got to play there. My clients are typically nationwide and around the globe, so I’m not doing it to make money, but to be a part of the community.”

Six has three children from a previous marriage. Ranae is a nurse by trade and keeps her license updated even though she no longer works in an official capacity.

Her nursing days are anything but over, though, as Vern sustained serious injuries in a 2004 fishing accident, even spending several months paralyzed.

“All of our friends and family like to joke a bit and say that Ranae works full time to take care of only one patient: her husband,” Six said.

Six is currently working on a phone app for (which should be available later this year) and is developing another website that will create a national directory of people offering hauling services. He has a goal in mind that would help he and Ranae live comfortably and fund all of their future missionary work.

“My New Year’s resolution is to create 20 websites that produce me $100 a month each,” Six said. “If I can, I will be one happy fella.”

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