MoDOT is preparing for another round of predicted snow. On Friday night, it said predicted conditions may make the job hard.

So far, most of Missouri has experienced a pretty mild winter. But with light snow in the forecast for much of the state, MoDOT reminds drivers to be ready to adjust to driving conditions as the predicted snow flies over the next 24 hours. Even light precipitation can quickly cause roads to become slick and dangerous.

One of the biggest travel issues when winter weather strikes is black ice. Motorists need to be especially cautious as falling drizzle freezes or melted snow refreezes making black ice a concern, especially on bridges and overpasses.

MoDOT crews are prepared and ready to treat Missouri highways as needed. During winter weather events, MoDOT places the highest priority on roads with the highest traffic volumes, such as interstates, U.S. highways and other high volume state routes. Lower volume lettered or numbered routes will be treated as necessary.

Motorists should be aware that bridges and overpasses generally experience freezing conditions first. Motorists should drive cautiously, pay extra attention and drive defensively in winter weather. MoDOT encourages drivers to remember the following tips when driving in inclement weather.

•Always wear your seat belt.

•Use common sense, and adjust your speed to suit driving conditions.

•If weather conditions warrant windshield wipers, turn your headlights on. They help you see and help other drivers see you. Plus, it’s the law.

•Double the distance you normally leave between you and the next car.

•Use gentle pressure on your accelerator pedal when starting on wet or slick surfaces.

•Give snowplows plenty of room, and try not to pass them when conditions are poor.

• Remember that driving is most hazardous when temperatures are near 32 degrees.

•Watch for other vehicles having problems with road conditions.

•Don’t pass other vehicles on or near bridges.

•Keep your fuel tank at least half full.

Before you travel, log onto to view an online “Traveler Information Map,” which gives an updated view of weather-related road conditions for major Missouri highways.

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