County Assessor Debbie James

Only about 63 percent of the more than 9,800 personal property assessment forms mailed in Texas County had been returned last week before a deadline today. (Thursday)

Texas County Assessor Debbie James is asking Texas County citizens to mark the appropriate boxes on the assessment form and return it as soon as possible. “If your assessment form is not returned, or is returned late, I am required by law (Section 137.280, Revised Statutes of Missouri) to assess the appropriate penalties.”

A second notice will be mailed March 19 to those persons who haven’t filed. Persons who incorrectly fill out or do not return an assessment form may not receive a tax statement in November, or they may receive an incorrect tax statement.

“I also want to encourage everyone who is eligible for the property tax credit to please take advantage of this. Most seniors and the disabled may qualify for this credit,” James added.

Anyone with questions concerning the assessment form or the property tax credit can call 417-967-4709 or stop by her office in the Texas County Administrative Center, 210 N. Grand Ave.


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