Attorney Kimberly Lowe pitches in during the remodeling of her new office on Walnut Street in Houston. Lowe has a practice in Waynesville for 18 years, but has also been active for some time working with clients in Texas County.

An attorney with close to 20 years of experience in the region is opening an office in Houston.

Having practiced law in Waynesville since 1994, Kimberly Lowe has served many clients in Houston and Texas County. Lowe will now have a more visible local presence, as she opens the doors to her new office on Walnut Street across from the Houston Rural Fire Association building.

“I do just about anything,” she said. “I’ve been a small town practitioner all my life, and you learn to be a jack of all trades. I would say that about 50-percent of my work has traditionally been in injury-related cases involving personal injury, medical malpractice and worker’s compensation, because when I started my practice in Pulaski County 18 years ago, it didn’t seem like there were a lot of attorneys in that field, so I developed that area of practice rather quickly. It ended up being my primary niche, but I pretty much do everything.”

Knowing she works in a field where clients are always in need of help, Lowe relishes the satisfaction of providing it.

“My philosophy in practicing law is I like to be there to help people,” she said. “I know that sounds kind of cheesy, but seeing someone who is genuinely happy because you cared about them and helped them really is what I enjoy most about what I do.”

Lowe plans to maintain her practice in Waynesville, but decided to open the Houston location because she was already so busy here.

“It seemed to me like I was in court here quite a bit, and I had more and more people in this area requesting I represent them,” she said. “One of the primary things that’s going to allow me to do this is the support staff I have. My staff is amazing! They’re my heartbeat and the lifeblood of my clients.”

Although she has learned the ropes and is versed in numerous areas of practicing law, Lowe said she does favor one type of case.

“I love to do adoptions, and I’ve done a ton of them,” she said. “It’s the happy end of law practice. I’ve learned so much over the past 18 years – you pretty much run the gamut of the law. But my favorite thing to do – hands down – is adoptions.”

Lowe was born in Connecticut and said she has “lived on both coasts and everywhere in between.” She attended college at the University of Arkansas and began pursuing her law degree there before finishing up at the University of Louisville.

Lowe’s youngest son attends high school in Waynesville. She’s currently having a new home built there, in large part to accommodate one of her personal passions.

“I’m very, very much into mentoring teenagers,” Lowe said. “It’s something that’s very near and dear to my heart. I only have three biological children, but I have many, many more who call me ‘momma.’ We’ll have gourmet cooking night at my house, and we’ll make things they’ve never had before, because a lot of them come from homes where they really don’t have much.

“But I take very seriously that caring for these kids isn’t the state’s responsibility, it’s ours. And I enjoy being involved in the community on a person-to-person level.”

A fan of shooting guns (particularly pistols), Lowe enjoys playing and coaching competitive volleyball. She also likes hiking, and said she wants to learn bow hunting.

“I’d rather be outdoors than indoors any day,” she said.

In addition to the new law office, the Walnut Street location will also house the bail bonds business of Johnny Cummins.

Lowe said she takes a “golden rule” approach with her work.

“My goal is to represent everyone like it was my own case, and my theme is to do unto others the way you want them to do unto you,” she said. “I tell my clients that when I’m focused on their case, it will be the only thing I’m doing.

“I realize that people don’t often come to me because they’re happy or have no problems, so it’s important to me to be passionate about solving their problems like I would want them to be passionate about solving mine.”


Lowe’s website – – launched thisweek, and provides plenty of information about Houston’s newestlawyer. She can be reached by phone at 417-967-1965.

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