Workers with Springfield's Hartman Construction steady a 95-foot I-beam weighing 63,000 pounds as it is lowered into place at the construction site of the new bridge on Highway RA near the Baptist Camp access. (File photo)

U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., is calling for funding of a program that has been used to replace bridges in Texas County, including one under way at Baptist Camp access.

Blunt wants to establish a dedicated revenue stream for the Off-System Bridge Program for those not on federal aid or in the national highway system.

About one in six Missouri bridges is classified as deficient.

“Infrastructure is an integral part of our economy, and Missouri’s leaders and business owners need the tools and resources to encourage economic development throughout our rural communities,” said Blunt. “We must work together in Washington to make smart investments to develop a long-term federal plan for our infrastructure systems nationwide in order to provide communities and job creators greater certainty to prepare for the future.”


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