Members of the Houston City Council met Monday night at city hall.

Quarters for warehouse needs will be remodeled under a plan outlined Monday by a Houston property owner at a meeting of the Houston City Council. 

Ralph Cockrum said he plans to remodel and add roll-up doors to a structure on Pine Street that once housed Watson Hardware. The building is west of the Hutcheson Building.

Cockrum operates a woodstove business.

Two parking spots in front of the business will be marked “loading zone, one-hour parking.”

In other matters, members:

-Approved seeking bids for Phase III of the Village Trail. The latest stretch will extend from Grand Avenue and Spruce Street to near Walnut and Spruce streets.

-Appointed former councilman and retired county assessor Bruce Wilson to become city treasurer. He replaces Sharon Horbyk, who stepped down.

-Will develop an application for volunteers who might like to serve on various city committees. The paperwork will be kept on file and reviewed when vacancies occur.

-Approved a $200 donation to Houston Celebration for Life once a contract for services is completed. The organization sponsors after-prom and after-graduation events.

-Finalized paperwork for the city’s participation in a “Safe Routes for Schools” grant that will be used to improve transportation around the Houston School District. The 100 percent grant would be used for work during the summer. Eventually the city hopes to also target improvements on Ozark Avenue to Airport Road, Bryan Street to West Highway 17 and around Hawthorne and Chestnut streets.

-Have reached an agreement related to water services for the new Northeast Industrial Park east of the chamber’s fairgrounds. The city will provide water (fire protection) at the site, including installation of hydrants. A water line will be installed from the north water tower to the park. Additional water needs will be served by Public Water Supply District No. 2.

-Are studying the possibility of securing a grant for demolition of vacant, unlivable homes that are eyesores.

-Learned that bids for asphalt work will be opened Feb. 29.

-Heard the city is seeking a grant to acquire trees for Emmett Kelly Park, replacing those lost to age and storms.



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