A man found guilty last year of assaulting a Missouri State Highway Patrol officer received a sentence Friday, court officials said.

Larry Brashears was found guilty of the 2008 assault of a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, stealing, first-degree robbery and armed criminal action.

Circuit Judge Tracy L. Storie sentenced Brashears to seven years on the assault charge and three years on resisting arrest during an appearance in Rolla. Both are to run consecutive. A stealing of a firearm charge brought five years, and the robbery and armed criminal action charges each brought 20 years. (The last three prison sentences are to run concurrently – meaning he’ll serve 20 years plus credit for time served).

Brashears’ attorney sent an appeal to the South District Court of Appeals on Tuesday, and sent notice to the attorney general’s office. 

Brashears was charged with an incident near Highway H and U.S. 63 south of Houston that left Cpl. Curtis Haden with moderate injuries.

Court records show Brashears entered a guilty plea on Sept. 26, but changed his mind during an Oct. 3 hearing. A jury later heard the case.

Brashears was accused of assaulting Haden following a traffic stop. According to a report, Brashears struck the officer and placed him in a headlock. Haden, fearful that he was about to lose consciousness, removed his service weapon as the two struggled and it fired into the ground.

According to a report, Brashears held Haden at gunpoint as he took the officer’s wallet, a small amount of cash, three credit cards, one debit card, car keys and a flashlight.

A passer-by alerted authorities after seeing Haden’s patrol car door open and his hat on the ground. A manhunt ended with Brashears’ arrest about three hours later near the incident site.

Haden sustained moderate injuries, including problems with an eye.


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