Wes Murray, TCMH CEO, will be the speaker during a monthly meeting of the Houston Area Chamber of Commerce.

Wes Murray, chief executive officer at Texas County Memorial Hospital, has extended his employment at TCMH for another five years.

“Wes has proven himself to be faithful to the mission of the hospital,” Omanez Fockler, chairperson of the TCMH board of trustees said. “He’s dedicated to providing optimal healthcare to the people of Texas County.”

Murray joined TCMH in January 2003. Under his leadership, the hospital has added clinic and ambulance services in Mountain Grove, clinic services in Summersville, an in-house MRI, bone densitometry, non-emergency transportation service, sleep study lab, clinic complex in Houston and professional counselor as well as re-starting the TCMH Healthcare Foundation and working to provide updated facilities for Hospice of Care, Home Health of the Ozarks, TCMH Fitness Center and TCMH maintenance and business office departments.

TCMH is currently undertaking the largest building project in the facility’s 54-year history – a $19.1 million construction and renovation project. Fifty-nine thousand square feet of new patient care areas will be added in the construction.

“There are exciting things happening here at TCMH and in the communities we serve,” Murray explained, “and I’m proud to be a part of that.”

Murray noted that providers recently recruited to TCMH seek “stability for the organization” in retention of administrative leadership.

“There’s always a risk of jeopardizing the stability of an organization with administrative turnover,” Murray explained. He added that retention of administrative leadership is also important in the hospital’s strategic plan.

“It’s extremely exciting to see a portion of the hospital’s strategic plan taking place right now with the new construction, and I’m glad I have a part in it,” Murray said.

Fockler noted that the TCMH board of trustees “absolutely wants Wes to see our construction projects through to completion.”

“Professionally, it’s very fulfilling and rewarding to be able to serve a rural hospital that’s interested in meeting its potential and being progressive about reaching it,” Murray said.

Murray explained that he’s seen other organizations in the county make steps to improve the services provided to community members, which he finds to be “encouraging.”

“This expansion project is a big step, but it took us a series of small steps to reach the start of this project,” Murray said.

Murray explained that the progress at TCMH and in the county “makes it much easier for my wife and me to want to live here.”

Murray also credited his administrative team, the physicians and employees at TCMH in his decision to continue serving TCMH for another five years.

“The faith and dedication of the team I work with make my job at TCMH great one,” Murray said. “Everyone shares passion and vision for our hospital.”

Murray noted that the expansion project and the ongoing quest to provide quality healthcare to everyone in the TCMH service area remain a top priority. Murray and his staff will also focus on continuing the strategic plan of the hospital, achieving unmet needs and services, physician retention, customer satisfaction and maintaining high quality standards.

Murray remains “committed to achieving certain goals and completing projects at TCMH.”

“We’re not even close to reaching our potential,” Murray said. “There’s more to come.”

Murray resides in Houston with his wife, Judy.



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