This mothering adult dog was rescued with the 17 puppies. Two other adults escaped.

After receiving a call from a concerned citizen, The Animal Shelter of Texas County (TASTC) took in a throng of 17 puppies in a single haul Thursday afternoon.

The caller indicated that a large group of puppies and a few adult dogs had apparently been abandoned in a ditch alongside a road off of Highway 181 south of Cabool. Shelter representatives responded to the location and found a single female nursing the entire crowd of puppies.

The mothering adult was rescued along with the youngsters, but the other two adults escaped.

TASTC manager Marsha Martin said that even though one adult was feeding all of the puppies, the offspring were likely from at least two different litters. Arrangements were made with at least one other shelter to take in some of the canine refugees, which Martin said appeared to be a yellow lab or Great Pyrenees mix.

The shelter anticipates it will cost $900 to cover the cost of spaying and neutering, rabies, shots and wormers for the dogs.

For information about adoption of the puppies, call TASTC at 417-967-0700.

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