A Highway 17 call northwest of Houston sent lawmen to a residence where neighbors fought.

A county officer was dispatched Saturday to a Highway 17 residence in Bucyrus regarding a report of a fight and a gunshot.

A 64-year-old man who lives at the location told the officer that he was preparing to put up fencing on his property when a neighbor’s dog had approached him. The man stated he fired once into the air with a shotgun to scare off the dog.

The man said the neighbor then came from his home yelling at him for firing the shot, and the two men got in a tussle.

The neighbor told the officer that the man who fired the shot had hit him twice in the face, and when he went to hit him a third time, he wrestled the man to the ground. He stated that after the two fought for a short time, he returned to his home to wait for an officer to arrive.

The officer involved stated in his report that family members had told him a few days earlier that the man who fired the gun had not been taking his medications and had been starting many fights.

The officer took the shotgun and a .22-caliber pistol from the man for safekeeping.

No charges were filed.

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