Kay Walker

A glance at Houston school board candidate Kay Walker.

Background information: 46 years old; married to Randy (Cotton) Walker; four children, two attending Houston Schools (Weston is a junior and Kolby is a freshman); four grandchildren, two of school age (Autumn is an eighth grader and Aliyah is in first grade); lives on farm in Bucyrus, where family raises cows; graduated from Houston High in 1983; currently taking classes through Drury University, seeking my bachelor of business administration degree; works at the Houston branch of Community Bank, NA; hobbies include reading, crocheting, surfing the Internet and passionately following Houston sports –– boys and girls from preschool to high school.

How do you see the school district progressing forward in these tight budgetary times?

As with any type of entity in these times, it is going to take effort of all involved to make sure things run smoothly and within the districts budget. I am sure there will be difficult times ahead for our school district as with many others in the area. Funding will be a big factor, and who knows where that is heading. I have faith that the current administrators are very capable of taking our district in the right direction.

Explain how budget cuts could be made in the district without sacrificing the integrity of district curriculum.

Although I believe there are some cuts that could possibly be considered without sacrificing curriculum, without having seen or been a part of the school’s budget or the details and/or processes involved in putting the budget together, I am not comfortable with giving recommendations or suggestions for making cuts.

Describe what you consider to be the current strengths of the district.

Our teachers are obviously the biggest strength our district has. We have some of the most caring and compassionate teachers who give 110% of themselves to assure the students of our district receive the best education possible. The movement of Scott Dill from middle school principal to superintendent and the hiring of Charlie Malam as high school principal are both positive occurrences for our district.

What are the areas in the most need of improvement within our district? How do you propose to make the improvement(s)?

Communication is one of the areas I feel could be improved. After speaking with teachers within the district, communication between administration and staff needs to be improved. When teachers find out news regarding the district from reading the local newspaper website instead of from within the district, there is much room for improvement. I also feel that communication between the district and the public could be improved. It is my feeling that when the communication in these areas improve, the image and perception of our school district will improve also. As far as how to make these improvements, it should be fairly simple. I feel that making sure that the parties involved understand the importance of good communication and the result of not having such between administration, staff and the citizens of our district. Trust comes with communication, and trust needs to be re-established between administration, staff and patrons.

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