A court-ordered election is Tuesday for members of the Houston Rural Fire Association.

School board members and city officials will be elected next Tuesday in political subdivisions across the county.

Polls open at 6 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. The county clerk’s office will be open from 8 a.m. until noon Saturday for absentee balloting.

Countywide, voters will elect a representative to the Texas County Memorial Hospital board of trustees. Gail Crum and Jim Perry are running for a five-year term.

Here are contested races in Texas County:

Randy Jarrett and Sam Mudd are seeking a two-year term in Cabool’s Ward I. Jim Sigman and Darrell W. Polm are on the ballot for a two-year term in Ward II in Cabool.

Phil Meyer and Sheila Campbell Walker are seeking a two-year term in Ward II in Houston.

Four persons are seeking two, one-year seats on the Summersville City Council. They are: Jeanne Shafer, Jackie Lee, Melonie Bradshaw and Lloyd Jackson. Four persons are seeking a two-year term at Summersville. They are Richard Nelson, Lillian Ilene Platts, Roy Broce and Mike Jackson.

Six persons are seeking two positions on the Houston board of education. They are: Tadd McCloud, James Bathon, Jim Root, Troy Castleman, Robert James Enfield Sr. and Kay Walker.

Dustin Cooper, Larry Powell, Jeff Atchison and Michael Stoops are seeking two seats on the Summersville board of education.

Running for two slots on the Cabool board of education are: Shaun E. Watson, Edwin Rogers, Vera Rose and Liz Durham.

Penny Morrison, Tina Routh, Mike Friend and David Hall are candidates for two seats on the Plato board of education.

Seeking two, three-year terms on the Success board of education are: Michael Glidewell, Mary Glidewell and Kevin Irwin. Ross Olson, Angela Hammock, Carl D. Huff Jr. are seeking two, two-year terms at Success. Jason Burch, Nancy Davis and Don Kern are running for two, one-year positions.

Seeking two, three-year terms for the Licking board of education are: Chris Storm, Rawly Gorman, Kent Sturgeon and Tina Rae Revelle.

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