Investigations sent deputies throughout the county during the last week.

The following are matters dealt with last week by the sheriff’s department:

April 24

––A Mountain Grove man called at about 11 p.m. to report hearing voices in the upstairs portion of his mother and father’s Limestone Road residence.

An investigating officer and an assisting Mountain Grove officer searched the home but were unable to locate anyone.

April 27

––A 47-year-old Mountain Grove man called to report that his stepson had stolen a john boat and a bucket of copper wire from his Gravens Road residence.

The man told an investigating officer he didn’t wish to pursue charges.

April 28

––A Licking man called at about 4 a.m. to report that he and his girlfriend had gotten into a fight and that she had broken his TV. The girlfriend told an investigating officer that the man had broken the TV. Both parties told the officer they didn’t want to pursue charges.

––A 21-year-old Houston man called to report that his ex-wife’s father had called him at his Highway 137 residence and threatened to do bodily harm to him.

––The Cabool Police Department called regarding a man walking along the railroad tracks next to U.S. 63. An investigating officer made contact with the man and gave him a ride to Mountain Grove.

––An officer reported April 21 he had investigated a report of a trespasser at a Highway 32 residence at Roby.

According to the report, the officer had gone to the location and the 28-year-old man living there told him that he and his girlfriend had been fighting while taking part in a horseback trail ride and he had left her there.

The man stated that she later came to his residence with three other men in a truck to pick up her car. He said he had told the men they were not welcome on his property, but they failed to leave. He then went to his mother’s house next door and came back with some friends to make them leave.

The man stated that when he returned, the truck and it occupants were leaving, but stopped. The driver tried to get out, but the other men in the truck stopped him and they drove away.

A report was sent to the county prosecuting attorney.

April 29

––A Houston man called to report a Playstation and some video games were missing from his Brushy Creek Road residence. He said he suspected his former wife or former roommate.

Texas County Jail admissions

April 24

Robert J. Hart – no insurance

Elise J. Williams – writ

Michael A. Coats – writ

April 25

Curtis B. Barton – theft/stealing

Robert J. Karnes – theft/stealing

Michael A. Barnhart – Six-month commitment

Terry W. White – 14-day commitment

Tyler M. Anderson – Two-day commitment

Amie J. Stokes – Crawford County hold

Destiny D. Block – possession of controlled substance

Susan L. Dixon – house for Wright County.

Macie D. Hayes – house for Wright County.

Lindsey J. Moore – house for Wright County.

Rainbow R. Turner – house for Wright County.

Kimberly K. Anthony – house for Wright County.

Christopher M. Hunter – controlled substance

April 26

Marilyn K. Ballard – 48-hour commitment

Lisa M. Christ – 5-day commitment

April 27

Jared M. Paseka – 5-day shock

Brandon A. Stark – burglary

Matthew F. Doyle – failure to register as sex offender

Ashely D. Beavers – possession of controlled substance

Justin L. Martin – possession of controlled substance

Shannon L. Brim – theft/stealing

April 28

J.W.L. Schuster – 48-hour commitment

April 29

Katrina B. Hill – burglary, property damage

Sherod D. Bittle – DWI, driving while license revoked

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