Authorities are investigating a burglary a Texas County cabin.

A 74-year-old Yukon man called the Texas County Sheriff’s Department on Friday to report that someone had broken into his Bobwhite Road cabin and stolen four guns.

The man said he hadn’t been to the cabin since January, but that neighbors who watch it for him told him that during a routine check, they found evidence someone had been there.

The man said that while the cabin’s door was still padlocked, a window was broken and it was obvious that the bed had been slept in and the stove used to cook food.

An empty Jack Daniels bottle was also found in a trash can. The value of the guns is unknown.

The following are other matters recently dealt with by the sheriff’s department:

March 26

––A man called at about 8:30 p.m. to report that a woman had come to the door of his Highway 32 residence and claimed she was being chased.

The man said he let her inside, and she then grabbed a knife and said she was going to kill herself.

The man stated he got the weapon away from the woman, and she ran off.

An investigating officer was unable to locate the woman, and the sheriff’s department received no other calls about her.

March 27

––An officer was dispatched at about 6:40 p.m. to a U.S. 63 trailer park in Houston regarding a suspicious person pointing at cars.

The officer was unable to locate a suspect.

March 28

––An officer was dispatched to a Ridge Road residence regarding a report of someone yelling for help. The officer was unable to locate anyone needing assistance.

March 31

––An officer was dispatched at about 11:50 p.m. to a Morton Road residence in Houston after a woman reported that someone knocked on her door and ran off. The officer was unable to locate a suspect.

––A 40-year-old Willow Springs man reported that someone had broken into a shed on his Berry Road property and stolen three chain saws with a total value of $1,100.

There are no suspects.

––An officer was dispatched at about 11:55 p.m. to assist the Missouri State Highway Patrol in trying to locate a man who had fled from a trooper on King Road at Dunn.

The man was not located, but his car was reportedly towed away from the scene.

April 1

––An officer reported that on March 31 he was dispatched to a U.S. 63 residence regarding a 34-year-old Licking man who was drunk and unruly.

The man who lived at the location told the officer the drunk man had been “punching stuff” in his house.

The drunk man was placed under arrest and taken to the Texas County Jail for a 12-hour hold period.

It was later discovered that he was on probation and in violation by drinking alcohol. A warrant was issued the following day.

Texas County Jail admissions

March 26

Shelly Jo Shafer – probation violation

Heather L. Polk – parole violation

March 27

Justin D. Strunk – Four-day commitment

William A. Wilson – trespassing (Houston PD)

Lori L. Hendrix – DWI

March 28

Lindsay R. Hodson – 24-hour commitment

Amanda A. Kennedy – passing bad checks under $500

Preston E. Rutz – traffic violation

Nancy E. James – 48-hour commitment

March 29

Parish L. Gale – traffic violation

Junior E. Reed – writ

Terry L. Buecker – writ

Dalton A. Harrison – burglary/theft

Joshua D. Dooley – driving without a license

March 30

Jeff Holford Jr. – writ

Anthony C. White – peace disturbance (Houston PD)

Benjamin C. Ogden – stealing (Dent County)

March 31

Robert D. Hendrix – felony DWI/driving while revoked

Seth C. Hurtt – 48-hour commitment

N.B. Brown – 48-hour commitment

April 1

Jordan L. Godfroy – burglary/stealing (Wright Co.)

Jason L. Williams – 48-hour commitment

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