Missing jewelry, guns and a break-in at a Licking business are under investigation by the Texas County Sheriff's Department

A 34-year-old Cabool man was arrested after allegedly stealing fencing material from the Beeler Road property of a 67-year-old Cabool man.

The property owner had hired the suspect to repair fencing on his land, and he had purchased three rolls of wire, 20 fence posts and 20 fence ties for the job, according to a report. The owner stated the suspect loaded most of the gear into his truck and was supposed to return to work on May 7. When he didn’t, the owner made several attempts to contact him, but he then saw the suspect driving toward Mountain Grove and feared he was going to sell the equipment at a salvage yard.

On May 8, the owner called the sheriff’s department to report the material stolen.

An investigating officer contacted the salvage yard and was told that the suspect sold the items matching the description of the stolen goods (valued at $552) for $105, claiming that it was left over from a job he had done.

A probable cause statement was sent to the county prosecutor for charges.

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