County authorities were called to handle several investigations in the last week. 

Officers with the Texas County Sheriff’s Department reported investigations of many forms of cases last week, including several thefts and burglaries and a handful of unusual complaints and claims.

The following are summaries of some of those reports:

May 19

––A Houston woman called to report that a man had thrown her out of her Mineral Drive residence and was threatening to toss her clothes on the lawn and burn them.

The man was contacted and advised to return the woman’s belongings. He stated he would.

May 22

––A Success woman called at about 11 p.m. to report that her daughter had run away from her Success Road residence.

The daughter was contacted by cell phone and stated she was bored and had gone to a friend’s house. She was advised to return home. The mother called a short time later to report her daughter had returned.

––A 57-year-old Licking man called to report that a pair of refrigerant tanks valued at $250 had been stolen from his Highway 137 residence.

The man told an investigating officer he had located the tanks in the back of his neighbor’s truck. The officer went to the neighbor’s home but nobody came to the door.

The truck was determined to be registered to a Texas man. It was towed away.

––An animal health officer reported May 15 she had left her state-owned digital camera at a Watson Road residence at Solo after taking pictures at a dog kennel. She said that when she returned the following day to get the camera, the kennel owners stated that they hadn’t seen it and that perhaps a dog had carried it away.

May 23

––An officer was dispatched to assist the Missouri State Highway Patrol in finding a man who was reportedly walking on U.S. 63 at one of the Twin Bridges and running in the woods.

No man was located.

––A 50-year-old Houston man called to report that numerous power tools, with a total value of $1,350, had been stolen from a house he is remodeling on Slaughter Road.

There are no suspects, but authorities were advised of one person of interest who was described as an “old drunk” who often visited the former tenants of the home and had been seen in the area by a neighbor before the alleged theft.

May 24

––An officer reported that he responded at about 12:20 a.m. to a report of a possible prowler made by a 55-year-old Licking woman at her Highway N residence.

The officer stated that the woman told him that when she came home after being away, she found the front door unlocked and a screen in a window pushed up. The woman also reported hearing a sound coming from the second floor of the home and an open can of cold soda that wasn’t hers sitting on a countertop.

The officer stated that there appeared to be undisturbed cobwebs in the window that had allegedly been opened and that the soda was not cold and displayed signs of having been resting in the same place for an extended period of time (such as dust and cat fur on it).

Nothing was reported missing from the residence.

––An officer reported that twice within approximately a 24-hour period on May 22 and 23 he had responded to an Old Salem Road residence at Licking regarding a domestic disturbance involving a 50-year-old man and a 46-year-old woman.

The first time the woman told the officer that the man was drunk and had assaulted her. The officer spoke to the man, and he agreed to leave for the night.

The second time, the woman again stated that the man had assaulted her, and the officer determined that he was going to issue a citation to the man and arrested him.

But when the man got into the patrol car, he requested medical assistance. He was eventually transported to Texas County Memorial Hospital, and then transferred to Cox South in Springfield for end stage liver treatment.

The officer stated he never got the chance to write the summons, and that a probable cause statement would be sent to the county prosecutor in case the man was released from the hospital.

––A 61-year-old Licking man came to the TCSD office and reported that about 150 gallons of fuel and four batteries (with a total value of $1,000) had been stolen from a dump truck parked at his Log Cabin Drive property.

There are no suspects.

––A 67-year-old Strafford man reported several items with a total value of $230 had been stolen from a house he owns on Durham Road.

An investigating officer observed that the back door of the residence had been kicked in. Photographs were taken. There are no suspects.

Texas County Jail admissions

May 21

Benjamin D. Dotson – minor in possession

Jackson C. Morgan – violation of child protection order

Timothy S. Vestal – theft/stealing

Joshua A. Laster – receiving stolen property

Nathan K. Roth – possession of marijuana

May 22

Jeff L. Wakenight – writ

May 23

Brittany M. Barnum – assault

Macie D. Hayes – receiving stolen property

Vikie L. Bittle – Wright County hold

Ashley L. Wallace – Wright County hold

Courtney M. Powers – Wright County hold

Amanda J. Unger – Wright County hold

Justin D. Hutson – Wright County hold

Joshua M. Cleveland – Wright County hold

Jason R. McGowan – Wright County hold

Jon W. Harris – Wright County hold

Jared C. Hill – Wright County hold

Irene S. Williams – parole violation

May 24

Madge A. Anderson – theft/stealing

Chad A. Cochran – Pulaski County warrant

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