Texas County authorities say several items were swiped and damage reported to other things at a Plato residence. 

Texas County Sheriff’s Department officers responded last week to many reports of burglary and theft.

The following are summaries of those reports and others that the sheriff’s department dealt with last week:

April 30

––A 30-year-old Houston man reported that a flatbed trailer loaded with equipment had been stolen from the yard of his U.S. 63 residence.

The man stated that items swiped included a Bobcat 42-inch-cut mower valued at $4,000 and numerous power tools, hand tools and other gear.

The total value was reportedly $6,165.

An investigating officer reported finding no evidence at the scene, but it appeared that the suspect had removed the trailer from behind the man’s truck, and then hooked it up to a vehicle and driven away.

May 2

––A 41-year-old Licking man reported several items with a total value of $660 had been stolen from his hunting cabin on Van Cleve Road.

The man stated that swiped items included a camp stove, a hunting blind, two lanterns, two knives and a game camera.

The man said a man who he recently evicted from a rental unit might have been responsible.

––A 50-year-old Lebanon man reported that a John Deere tractor had been vandalized and an Arctic Cat ATV valued at $5,000 had been stolen while both were parked at an electric substation at Roby.

There are no suspects.

––A 39-year-old Licking man reported several items with a total value of $870 had been stolen from the inside and outside of his Bean Creek Drive residence.

––A 59-year-old Licking man called to report that two tillers with a total value of $800 had been stolen from a barn on his Higgins Road property.

May 3

––A woman called just before midnight to report that beer bottles had been placed across Ridge Road.

An investigating officer reported that the obstruction was cleared.

––An officer responded to a call to check on a male child at a Highway AW residence. The boy’s brother reportedly told the officer that his father had shot him in the neck.

The officer determined that the boy lived within the city limits of Houston. Houston police checked on the boy and determined he had not been shot.

––A Houston man called at about 1:10 a.m. to report that someone was trying to get into his mobile home.

An investigating officer reported that when he made contact with the man, he appeared to be under the influence of a chemical substance.

May 4

––An officer reported that on May 2 he had investigated a complaint from a 57-year-old Willow Springs man that her 48-year-old female neighbor’s dogs had come onto his Freedom Road property and attacked his Chihuahua.

The officer stated that when he went to the woman’s home, two dogs approached his patrol car in an aggressive manner.

The complaint was reportedly the fifth received about the woman’s dogs. A probable cause statement was sent to the county prosecutor regarding charges of animal abuse against her.

––An officer reported that on May 2, a 27-year-old Upton woman had called to report that her Highway HH residence valued at $25,000 had burned to the ground.

An arson investigation is under way, and authorities have spoken to several people as part of their investigation. The homeowner provided photos of the home before it burned, and authorities took others afterward.

The investigation continues.

May 5

––A 50-year-old North Carolina man called to report that his 54-year-old brother – a Willow Springs resident – had given someone permission to log his 40-acre property between Highway U and Highway Y and that the brother had been keeping the money from the sale of the lumber (about $2,500).

An officer went to the property and made contact with a man who was there with a logging truck, and advised him that the property actually didn’t belong to the brother.

The property owner stated he didn’t wish to file charges against his brother, but wanted him told he was no longer welcome on the property. An officer contacted the brother and advised him that he would be cited for trespassing if he returned.

––A Licking woman called to report that she had run out of gas while driving her Chevrolet pickup on Highway 32 on April 23, and that when she returned to the location the truck was gone.

She stated she suspected her boyfriend. An officer contacted the boyfriend, who stated he didn’t have the truck.

––An officer reported that on May 2 he had investigated a report of a theft at a Kimble Road residence at Licking.

As a result of the investigation, Justin P.E. Giller, 20, of 4137 Highway VV in Licking, was issued a citation for stealing less than $500.

––An officer reported that on May 2 he had investigated a complaint from a 17-year-old Success boy who stated that a 39-year-old Houston man had dented his car with a fist.

Texas County Jail admissions

May 1

David B. Palmer – dangerous drugs

May 2

Sarah E. Booker – 24-hour commitment

May 3

Lewis R. Britt – 8-day commitment

David T. Korrok – drug charges (Licking PD)

Darrell L. Blankenship – writ

Leslee O. Cook – writ

Victoria L. Bueker – delivering controlled substance to jail

May 4

Newton U. Crawford – 10-day shock

Brooke L. Wells – Dunklin County hold

Clifford R. Johnson – possession of marijuana

Lindsey M. Sentheimee – possession of marijuana

May 6

Joshua A. Jennings – peace disturbance, resisting arrest, minor in possession, failure to obey (Houston PD)

Sarah E. Booker – 24-hour commitment

May 7

William J. Breedlove – property damage, trespassing, DWI

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