Police say this truck was stolen in Houston and recovered near Laquey.

A pair of trucks recently stolen from separate locations in Houston were recovered last weekend.

Last Friday at about 6:45 p.m., Jimmy D. Jones, 55, of Houston reported to the Texas County Sheriff’s Department that his blue 1994 Dodge Ram 2500 had been swiped off of the parking lot at Gamo USA on South Sam Houston Blvd. Jones is an over-the-road truck driver and when he heads out on a run, typically leaves his personal vehicle at Gamo.

Earlier the same day, Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers had been in pursuit of the same vehicle in Shannon County and ended up stopping it on Main Street in Birch Tree. As a result, Brian E. Brock, 40, of Alton, was arrested and taken to the Shannon County Jail on numerous traffic charges.

When the truck was reported stolen, the Houston Police Department and MSHP began an investigation involving Brock’s possession of it, which Houston Police Chief Jim McNiell said was not complete at press time.

Brock is on probation and parole for conviction of previous charges.

After recovering Jones’ truck, authorities later determined that keys had been left in the driver’s door map pocket.

Last Thursday night, the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department reported locating a 1996 GMC pickup owned by Colten Huff, 19, of Houston. It was stolen on the morning of June 21 from Jay’s Automotive on South U.S. 63.

McNiell said Pulaski County and state patrol officers discovered Huff’s truck and two other stolen vehicles in a remote, wooded location near Laquey. After being stored at a wrecking yard in St. Robert, Huff’s truck (which McNiell said was believed to still be drivable) was brought back to Houston by a Jay’s rollback truck.

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