Authorities said a Bucyrus woman faces a charge of unlawful possession of firearms.

As a result of an investigation by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department that began in June, a Bucyrus woman faces felony gun charges.

County Prosecuting Attorney Mike Anderson on Aug. 7 charged Sandra L. Wilson, 71, of 8002 Highway 17 at Bucyrus, with unlawful possession of a firearm after 21 guns of various types and calibers were seized from her home. Wilson is a convicted felon, making her possession of the guns a felony, authorities said.

The investigating officer, Lt. Melissa Dunn, first made contact with Wilson while looking into a reported theft at her residence in early June. Dunn later learned that Wilson had a lengthy criminal record.

Wilson’s record includes three aliases and multiple birth dates, Dunn said. On June 18, Dunn contacted the U.S. Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and was informed of Wilson’s status and previous conviction. Dunn was granted a search warrant on July 11 and seized from Wilson’s home eight rifles, seven shotguns, six pistols and numerous boxes of ammunition.

Wilson is free after posting $150,000 bond.

Aug. 13

––Officers were dispatched to a 24-year-old Houston man’s Mineral Drive residence regarding a report of animal neglect.

Four pit bull-mix dogs were found at the location without food or water and officers believed their condition was such that they had apparently been that way for a long time. An investigating officer determined that there had been three prior calls within the past three months about the same situation at the same residence, and that the dogs’ owners had no apparent intention to remedy the problem. The dogs were subsequently seized and taken to The Animal Shelter of Texas County.

Further action may be taken following examination of the dogs.

––A 53-year-old Licking woman reported finding at a Licking pawn shop numerous arrowheads with a total value of $3,000 that had been stolen from her Highway C residence several months ago.

The arrowheads were reportedly sold to the shop by a 51-year-old Licking man. A probable cause statement seeking charges against the man was to be sent to the county prosecutor at the conclusion of the investigation.

Aug. 15

––A Cabool man called at about 3:50 p.m. to request that a deputy come to his Simmons Drive residence because he and his wife were fighting. When the officer arrived, both parties stated everything was fine.

––A woman called to report seeing a man standing near the edge of the woods at her Kofal Road residence. An investigating officer was unable to locate a suspect.

Aug. 16

––A 46-year-old Raymondville man reported that a battery charger and some fishing gear with a total value of $550 had been stolen from his Kirkman Road residence. There are no suspects.

––A 52-year-old Licking woman reported that her 33-year-old daughter had assaulted her by throwing a glass of ice water that hit her in the arm. A report was to be sent to the county prosecutor.

––A 65-year-old Cabool man reported that boards had been removed from a shed at his Cessna Road residence and some wood had been taken from a woodpile. There are no suspects.

––A Licking woman reported seeing a young girl sitting at the end of her neighbor’s driveway who appeared to be hurt. An investigating officer went to the Highway N location and spoke to the girl, who stated she was 23 years old and was fine.

Aug. 17

––A Houston woman reported that several items with a total value of $120 had been stolen from her car and one of its tires had been slashed while it was parked at her residence at a Northview Lane trailer park. There are no suspects.

––A 61-year-old Mansfield man reported that scrap metal valued at $400 had been stolen from his Limestone Road property at Mountain Grove.

There are no suspects.

Aug. 18

––A 62-year-old Bucyrus man reported that the gas tank of his vehicle had been emptied while it was being serviced at a Houston repair shop. The man stated the tank was full when he dropped the vehicle off, but he ran out of gas while driving home.

There are no suspects.

––A 38-year-ld Houston woman reported that several items with a total value of $1,300 had been stolen from a neighbor’s property on Emery Road. The woman stated she had been watching the property for the owners while they were away. Items reported swiped included a Honda dirt bike, a garden tiller and an air compressor.

Texas County Jail Admissions

Aug. 13

Jason S. Allen – writ

Richard W. Klien – Christian County hold

Aug. 14

Michael R. Peterson – possession of controlled substance

Randall R. Shepherd – Miller County hold

Joseph P. Lukis – writ

Aug. 15

Dustin R. Odom – bond revocation

Anthony C. White – assault

Aug. 16

Carrie D. Burdette – Rolla PD hold

Vernon D. Carman – writ

Charles L. Wright – DWI

Karie L. Lynn-Nelson – Mountain Grove PD hold

Lenny J. Hebert Jr. – property damage

Aug. 17 –

Matthew D. Mares – 72-hour commitment

Dorothy A. Bragg – bad check

Randall L. Bacon – 24-hour commitment

Melissa C. Bryson – no driver’s license

Thomas A. Johnson – DWI

Amanda M. Trimble – 48-hour commitment

Shawn D. Sharp – Maricopa County, Ariz., hold

Wanet E. Doucette – Greene County hold

Aug. 18

Terri B. Fredericks – Dallas County, Texas, hold

Tracy L. Woods – DWI

Darrell L. Brim – 24-hour commitment

Carla C. Lutz – passing bad checks

Marsha D. Clark – driving while revoked

Aug. 19

Michael A. Wilder – DWI

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