A petition filed in Texas County Circuit Court seeks a recount of the votes on a Summersville School District issue.

A candidate for the Republican nomination for Texas County sheriff — who was narrowly defeated in last week’s primary — is seeking a recount of ballots in the election.

In a petition filed Monday in Texas County Circuit Court, candidate Tim Ceplina of Houston is asking for a recount of the vote. Ceplina lost by 21 votes over James Sigman of Cabool, 2,117-2,096. Wes Ellison of Willow Springs had 1,167.

A hearing is set for 1:30 p.m. Friday in front of Associate Circuit Judge Ronald White in Texas County Circuit Court.

State law allows a recount when the losing percentage is 1 percent or less of the total vote cast in the race.

The votes were certified Thursday afternoon by Texas County Clerk Don Troutman, according to the petition.

In the paperwork, Kimberly Lowe, a Houston attorney, said “that the total votes in both primaries for county sheriff was 6,326, with 5,380 being cast for Republicans…and 570 being cast for the unopposed Democrat.” That leaves a difference of 376, she said.

Among issues that might be examined: The recount would look at such things as ballots where the voter didn’t participate in the sheriff nomination process in either party, the intent of a voter who might not have fully completed the arrow and issues such as someone who circled a name rather than completed the arrow’s line.

The Democrat nominee is Melissa Dunn of Houston.

Troutman last week reported that 6,326 registered voters made it to precincts. That’s about 40 percent of the county’s registered voters.

PDF: Recount petition

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