Petitions seeking the resignation of two Upton Township board members were turned in at the monthly meeting Thursday. 

Upton Township residents are calling for the resignation of two board members who ordered the demolition of a bridge in July.

At a meeting of the board on Thursday, petitions carrying the names of 68 were submitted to the Board President Will Brown. Those signing the document asked for the resignation of two board members, Virginia Austin and Robert Gladden, who met July 12 and approved a plan to destroy a bridge constructed in the spring on Roubidoux Road.

The next day, a bridge with six tin horns provided by the township was constructed by Rocky Dailing, who agreed to build it at no cost.

The following Monday, Brown met with residents who complained of the demolition. Brown later declared the actions illegal because he said the two had violated the Missouri Open Meetings and Records Law and the meeting was actually to have been held July 16 after notice had been published and posted. Brown met that night with citizens upset about the destruction of the $22,000 bridge that had a three-ton limit.

Brown later referred the matter to the attorney general’s office. The status of that inquiry is not known.

Those at the meeting last night reported Austin and Gladden had no comment, and Texas County Commissioner Linda Garrett took the petitions.

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