One person was arrested and faces several charges after a vehicle was burned in northwest Texas County, authorities said. 

The following are other matters dealt with last week by the sheriff’s department:

Aug. 2

––An officer responded at about 11 p.m. to a report of a peace disturbance at Highways 17 and 137.

The officer made contact with several people at the location who stated they were yelling because one of them fell down, but they were all OK.

––An officer was dispatched to a Highway 137 residence at about 4:30 p.m. regarding a report of a dog being shot. Nobody was home, so the officer left a card. A man who lived there called the officer a short time later and stated that he had shot his own dog because it had become aggressive.

Aug. 4

––A 22-year-old Cabool woman reported that her 41-year-old former boyfriend had stolen $200 cash and her EBT card that she had left in his vehicle. The man gave the card to an investigating officer, who returned it to the woman. The man stated that he believed the woman was misusing her EBT card and temporary government assistance to obtain drugs.

On Aug. 6, the same woman was arrested after allegedly using narcotics while caring for her child (whose age and gender was not listed in the sheriff’s report).

An officer and a Department of Family Services (DFS) representative went to the woman’s Highway 181 residence after DFS requested assistance in an investigation. The DFS worker ordered her to go to a juvenile detention facility in Wright County for a drug test.

The woman tested positive and admitted to using drugs with her brother while caring for her child (including methamphetamine and morphine). The child was removed from her home and taken to a relative’s residence.

The woman was taken to the Texas County Jail and a probable cause statement was sent to the county prosecutor seeking a charge against her of first-degree endangering the welfare of a child.

Texas County Jail admissions

July 30

Shawn D. Sharp – Maricopa County, Ariz., warrant

Jared L. Owens – 48-hour commitment

July 31

Cody R. Avery – 24-hour commitment

Justin B. Williams – 365-day commitment

Matthew C. Boggs – Webster County hold

Michael S. Skouby – writ

Aug. 1

Joshua E. White – 90-day shock

Maynard L. Morgan – non-support

Richard W. Klein – driving while revoked

Mathew R. Robertson – driving while suspended (Licking PD)

William R. Wood Jr. – assault

Randall R. Shepherd – DWI (Licking PD)

Aug. 2

Donald R. Cook – writ

Aaron L. Whitman – non-support

Athena G. Reeder – burglary, fraud

Kristin G. Norris – MDC hold

Steven A. Barton – failure to appear for stealing under $500 (Houston PD)

Aug. 3

Tammy A. Giller – felony stealing

Randall L. Bacon Jr. – Two-day commitment

Sterling L. Moore – failure to obey (Houston PD)

Jared L. King – 48-hour commitment

Ronald G. Morgan – driving while revoked

Erica M. Clem – possession of controlled substance

Aug. 4

Andrea D. Barton – DWI (Licking PD)

Richard S. Mann Jr. – parole warrant

Wesley W. Norris – 48-hour commitment

Shawn C. Cross – possession of controlled substance

Cody R. Avery III – 30-hour commitment

Renee Phillips – passing bad checks

Aug. 5

Shantelle M. Libhart – passing bad checks

Patrick L. Vaughn – writ

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