Texas County deputies are investigating several crimes in the county.

Officers with the Texas County Sheriff’s Department filed reports last week regarding several thefts, break-ins, assaults and other incidents.

The following are summaries of some of those reports:

Sept. 11

––An officer reported Sept. 9 he had investigated a 47-year-old Plato man’s complaint that scrap metal and several other items with a total value of $3,695 had been stolen from a mobile home he is repairing on a Highway 17 property.

The man said swiped items included a refrigerator, a set of wheels and tires and about 35 windows valued at $3,000. He said his 19-year-old nephew might have been involved, according to a report.

Sept. 12

––A 36-year-old Cabool woman called to report that a man had stolen her truck.

She stated she had gone to the Mountain Grove Walmart to meet the man and consider trading vehicles with him. She said that while she was test driving the man’s car, he drove off in her truck and has since not returned her phone calls.

The woman was advised that since the incident took place in Mountain Grove, she needed to report it to the police department there.

––An officer reported that on Sept. 9 a 31-year-old Houston man stated that while he was incarcerated in the Texas County Jail in July, his 29-year-old brother had stolen his 1987 Chevrolet S-10 pickup.

––An officer reported that on Sept. 10, an 82-year-old Cabool man had come to the TCSD office to report that his neighbor’s dogs had come onto the roadway near his Cessna Road residence in an aggressive manner.

An investigating officer stated that he went to the neighbor’s home, got out of his patrol car and soon observed two dogs running at him in an aggressive manner. The officer subsequently issued a citation for failure to maintain adequate control of an animal to Raymond C. Oglesby, 38, of 1497 Cessna Road in Cabool.

––A 29-year-old Cabool man reported that his 25-year-old former girlfriend had been threatening to burn down his Highway 181 residence. The man also stated that the woman has been driving without a valid license and had a warrant for her arrest.

An investigating officer confirmed the Wright County warrant and went to the woman’s Cedar Bluff Road residence and made contact with her. The officer arrested her and took her to the Mountain Grove Police Department.

Sept. 14

––An officer reported that on Sept. 11 a 42-year-old Licking woman came to the TCSD office and said she had been assaulted at her Boiling Springs Road residence by her 40-year-old boyfriend.

The woman stated that the man had hit her three times in the temple. An officer reported observing a bruise around the woman’s left eye.

Multiple attempts to contact the suspect were unsuccessful. A probable cause statement was sent to the county prosecutor seeking possible charges of third-degree domestic assault.

––A 64-year-old Dunn man reported that a window valued at $150 had been broken out at a vacant rental home he owns on Hidden Valley Road.

The man stated the former boyfriend of a tenant in another rental of his might be to blame.

––A 47-year-old Beulah woman reported that household goods and narcotics with a total value of $380 had been swiped from her Spring Creek Road residence. There are no suspects.

––A 56-year-old Cabool man reported that his 35-year-old daughter had stolen his 2000 Hyundai sedan from his Colburn Road residence.

Attempts to contact the daughter have been unsuccessful.

Sept. 15

––An officer reported that on Aug. 18 deputies were dispatched to a Highway 137 residence at Raymondville regarding a report of trespassing.

A 20-year-old man living at the location told officers that three men had come to his property at about midnight and threatened to beat him up, and that when asked to leave, they said they would when they were ready

An officer made contact with the three men at one of their homes, but they were intoxicated and he couldn’t understand them. The officer told the men he would be in touch with them at a later date. After interviewing one of the men on Sept. 2, the officer issued citations for first-degree trespassing to the three: Clayton Taylor, 25, of 203 Old Yukon Road at Raymondville; Lonnie G. Gale, 27, of 6121 Highway 17 at Houston; and Michael W. Smith, 29, of 7484 Beasley Drive, at Raymondville.

Sept. 16

––An officer responded at about 10:40 p.m. to a report of a suspicious vehicle on Russell Drive. The officer made contact with the woman who owned the vehicle, who was visiting a friend at the location and had permission to be there.

Sept. 17

––An officer reported that on Sept. 7 multiple deputies had responded to a report of a domestic assault at a residence on Highway 32 at Licking.

A 32-year-old woman living there told officers that her 30-year-old husband had choked her and thrown hot coffee on her during an argument over a bank account statement. The woman stated she would be moving to her mother’s home in St. Louis, but wanted to press charges.

About a week later, she indicated she no longer wished to pursue charges.

Texas County Jail admissions

Sept. 10

Tina M. Dow – 10-day shock

Joseph L. Rhyno – possession of marijuana

Justin P. Hurt – felony resisting arrest

Sept. 11

Presley J. Winterberg – writ

Mark T. Barton – non-support

Sept. 12

Michael J. Barbe – 48-hour commitment

Randy S. Carroll – assault

Trevor A. Light – 2-year commitment

Dustin E. Cross – Phelps County hold

Hank L. Loman – taking wildlife illegally (Wright County)

Sept. 13

Joseph P. Lukis – writ

Dale E. Southworth – resisting arrest, property damage, assault

Sept. 14

Douglas Trimble – 48-hour commitment

Kelly D. Williams – 48-hour commitment

Sept. 16

William J. Breedlove – 24-hour commitment

Amy L. Dunkin – 20-day commitment

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