Texas County authorities answered a variety of calls during the last week. 

The following are matters dealt with last week by sheriff’s department officers:

Aug. 29

—A 63-year-old Houston woman reported finding a .22-caliber pistol in a holster lying in the middle of an unidentified roadway. The woman stated cars were having to drive around it, and she turned it over to the TCSD.

Aug. 30

—A 49-year-old Raymondville man reported that tires and wheels valued at $2,040 were stolen off of his truck while it was parked at his Sackett Road residence.

The man was incarcerated in the Texas County Jail at the time of the theft. He stated he had not given anyone permission to remove them.

There are no suspects.

—A 68-year-old Licking man reported that brass fittings, barbed wire and hose with a total value of $639 had been stolen from his Reed Road residence.

There are no suspects.

—An officer reported Aug. 9 a 71-year-old Roby man had reported that an infrared heater had been stolen from a rental home he owns by a 52-year-old male tenant.

The man stated that the heater had been sold by the suspect to a Roby restaurant, which representatives of the business confirmed. A report was sent to the county prosecutor for review.

—Jackson C. Morgan, 35, of 4071 S. Highway 137 in Elk Creek, was issued a citation for violation of a child protection order after allegedly waving at a 14-year-old girl at her mother’s residence at a Northview Lane trailer park in Houston.

The woman told investigating officers that Morgan also sent text messages to her cell phone. A Houston police officer also involved in the investigation confirmed observing the texts.

—Aleesha R. Utter, 21, of 14407 Gentry Lane at Roby, was issued a citation for third-degree domestic assault after allegedly punching a 44-year-old Plato woman with her fist during a late-afternoon fight at the woman’s residence.

—A 79-year-old Bucyrus man called to report that his Highway 17 residence had been broken into.

An investigating officer collected evidence at the scene implicating a 47-year-old Houston man. The officer also observed damage done to a door to the home, and took blood samples from the scene.

The suspect was later contacted and a blood sample was later taken. Both were sent to a lab for comparison.

A probable cause statement was sent to the county prosecuting attorney seeking a burglary charge against the suspect.

Texas County Jail admissions

Aug. 27

Sean P. Leonard – second-degree domestic assault

Darrell L. Brim – 48-hour hold

Gregory A. Vestal – possession of controlled substance

Jessie J. Johnson – failure to return rental property

Aug. 28

Stormy P. Morgan – parole warrant

Janet L. Baldwin – 72-hour commitment

Guy A. Beaudry – possession of marijuana

Rudy A. Marr – distribution/delivery/manufacturing of controlled substance

Joshua R. Marr – distribution/delivery/manufacturing of controlled substance

Aug. 29

Kyle M. Lemasters – distribution/delivery/manufacturing of controlled substance

Aug. 30

Michael A. Worthen – writ

Jason J. Kennedy – writ

Sterling L. Moore – probation warrant

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