A Houston, Mo., woman, Barbara Romines, has penned her first book. 

A Houston woman’s work is available on e-book sites this month.

Barbara Romines’ first work, “Savannah’s Gift,” is a story Savannah Bowden, who flees an intolerable situation at home with the clothes on her back and an extraordinary gift. Hopping a train, she ends up in 1870s Chicago and must rely on the generosity of strangers to start over. She meets an unusual group of people that help her find not only her place in the world but love and friendship.

Romines has spent most of her life teaching Houston students. She spent eight years with the preschool, 12 years working with grades 5-12 and another 12 as an instructor and academic director at Texas County Technical College.

Romines has a master’s degree in reading and has been an avid reader and writer most of her life.

“Reading has always been a special interest of mine,” she said. “I think good readers and storytellers are the foundation of education in this country.”

Why romance?

“I grew up moving around a lot, and I never felt alone if I had a good book to read. It’s as simple as that,” Romines said. “Books are like an old friend you enjoy visiting over and over. Some people like books about crime, some biographies, I just happen to like a good romance. I believe you learn something from everything you read, whether it be about human nature, a locale, a profession, whatever, I’ve never read a book I didn’t learn something from. And, yes that includes everything from comics to the Internet. It doesn’t matter what you read –– just read.”

Romines said her stories are not “overtly graphic romance like some authors are writing these days.” She said they are instead about real people in real situations.

“They do contain moderate sexual and sensitive situations and are not intended for children under 17,” Romines said. They are about friendship and love, hopefully, with enough drama and conflict that the mainstream reader will find themselves curious about the resolution and be entertained.

“I like character driven stories and write in the style that you have a better insight into what all characters are thinking. That’s the beauty of being one of the new generation of Indie writers –– no one tells you what form or style you have to use. It’s a way for your imagination to be your guide.”

For more information about “Savannah’s Gift” or future projects, visit Romines’ website at barbararomines.com or Facebook. Her works will be available to order on sites such as Amazon.com, Kindle, Kindle Fire, iBook store, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, Copia, Gardners, Baker & Taylor and eBookPie.

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