The following are matters dealt with last week by the Texas County Sheriff’s department:

Sept. 24

––A Cameron Road woman reported that someone had written in the dust on her car.

An investigating officer stated that the writing appeared to have been done by a child. The woman told the officer that she did have a 7-year-old son.

––A Lookout Drive woman called to report that someone might be cooking meth near her residence.

An investigating officer was unable to locate any evidence of a meth lab.

Sept. 25

––An officer was dispatched at about 6 p.m. to a location on Highway 32 at Success regarding a report of a child in the road. The officer was unable to locate the child.

––An officer was dispatched at about 12:15 p.m. to a Daisy Drive residence at Evening Shade regarding a reported domestic assault.

The officer made contact at an Evening Shade store with a 34-year-old woman involved in the incident who stated that when she went to her 33-year-old estranged husband’s home to pick up her children, they got into an argument and he dragged her from her vehicle by the hair, threw her to the ground and choked her.

The woman told the officer that the estranged husband’s father had made her two smaller children (ages 2 and 9) watch the assault.

The officer made contact with the suspect at a Long Hollow Road location and he stated that his estranged wife had gone crazy and started a fight. The children were allowed to go to a grandparents’ home, and a report was sent to the county prosecuting attorney.

Sept. 26

––A Houston man called from his Highway 17 residence at about 7:29 a.m. and asked if it was legal to shoot a gun in Texas County. He was advised that it was, as long as the shooter was shooting in a safe direction.

––A man called from his Lebanon Road residence at about 4 p.m. indicating that his neighbor was shooting in an unsafe direction.

An investigating officer made contact with the neighbor, who stated he hadn’t been shooting. The officer advised him that if he did shoot, he should do so in a safe direction.

––An officer was dispatched to a Morton Road trailer park at about 12:15 a.m. after a Springfield resident reported that a man at the location was drunk and out of control, and had struck his girlfriend.

The officer made contact with the suspect, and determined that he didn’t appear to be drunk or out of control. The man who filed the complaint then told the officer he had gotten his information from another person.

Sept. 27

––A 21-year-old Houston woman called at about 12:20 p.m. from her home at a Northview Lane trailer park to report that dogs belonging to her neighbor were running loose, getting into trash cans and displaying aggressive behavior.

After investigating, an officer issued a citation for animal abuse – failure to maintain adequate control of animals to Forrest N. Maxey, 70, of 8205 Northview Lane, Lot 22, in Houston.

Sept. 30

––A 31-year-old Mountain View woman called to report that her 47-year-old former boyfriend was harassing her at her Highway NN residence.

An investigating officer made contact with the man and was able to identify him as being wanted in Dent County.

Frank W. Gallaher, of 1418 Serri St. in Hannibal, was taken into custody and held at the Texas County Jail.

––An officer reported that on Sept. 24, a 43-year-old Mountain Grove woman stated that her 43-year-old sister had stolen her lawn mower and broken it.

The woman later decided she didn’t want to pursue charges.

Oct. 1

An officer reported that on Sept. 29 he had been dispatched to a Hattie Drive residence at Willow Springs after a 63-year-old woman called to request a well-being check on a 42-year-old woman who might be suicidal because her husband recently left her.

The officer stated that the woman was found in bed clutching her wedding album and that she said she had taken an unknown number of Hydrocodone pills.

An EMS crew transported her to Ozarks Medical Center for treatment.

Texas County Jail admissions

Sept. 24

Lukas K. Peek – writ

Justin L. Martin – possession of controlled substance

Glenda B. Sellers – DWI

Gary T. Evans – misappropriation of funds of elderly

Sept. 25

Allison R. Sheffler – Two-day shock

Eddie F. Day – writ

Jason S. Allen – writ

Renee S. Phillips – driving without valid license

Sept. 26

Chad J. Webster – 10-day shock

Erin R. Miget – 48-hour commitment

Shane L. Briggs – driving while revoked

Thomas J. Baney – burglary, theft

Jacob D. Moncrief – 24-hour shock

Kevin J. Kelly – 15-day shock

Michael J. Barbe – 5-day commitment

Richard D. Sims – burglary, theft

Sept. 27

Sterling J. Moore – stealing

Timothy C. Nunn – writ

James L. Briggs – writ

Aaron L. Whitman – writ

William R. Wood – writ

Matthew F. Doyle – writ

Sept. 28

Frank W. Gallaher – Dent County hold

Mark T. Barton – 24-hour commitment

James L. Hutsell – Douglas County hold

Levi R. Strom – second-degree trespassing

Anthony M. Mordis – first-degree trespassing

Athen G. Reeder – first-degree burglary

Michael A. Wilder – second-degree domestic assault

Sept. 30

Teresa A. Adkins – 48-hour commitment

Oct. 1

Dannie M. Pogue – possession of controlled substance

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