Deputies with the Texas County Sheriff's Department responded to numerous calls in the last week. 

The following are matters dealt with last week by sheriff’s department officers:

Oct. 16

––A deputy was dispatched at about 11 a.m. to a storage unit facility on U.S. 60 at Cabool regarding a report of a break-in.

The owner of the facility told the officer that locks on three units had been cut, but the only thing stolen was apparently a game camera (valued at $350) used for security surveillance. He stated he had seen two cars speeding away from the scene, including a white Toyota Celica being driven by a white, balding male, and a blue Mazda being driven by a large person whose sex he was unable to determine.

The investigating officer photographed what appeared to be fresh footprints and tire tracks at the scene.

––A woman reported a man trespassing at her Country Lane Road residence. He was gone from the location when an investigating officer arrived. The woman told the officer she had told the man to leave and he did.

Oct. 17

––A man called to report that his neighbor’s dog had killed a calf on his Highway 137 property. An officer made contact with the neighbor, and told him his options. The dog is reportedly now tied up at its owner’s Ware Road residence.

––A man called at about 11 p.m. to report someone knocking on the door of his Barry Lane residence. An investigating officer was unable to locate a suspect.

Oct. 18

––A man called to report that someone had stated on a social website that they wanted to beat up he and his mother. An investigating officer advised the man to delete and block the suspect and to contact the website.

Oct. 19

––A deputy was dispatched at about 8:20 a.m. to a Chapel Road residence at Willow Springs after an attorney requested an officer’s presence as he told a man he needed to move. The officer and attorney made contact with the man, who stated he would be out in a week.

Oct. 20

––An officer reported he had investigated a report Oct. 1 by a 56-year-old Cabool man who stated his 24-year-old son had threatened and harassed him at his Bado Road residence.

The man reportedly told the investigating officer that his son had stolen tires and wheels from him, and when he confronted him about it, his son had said he was going to burn him in his house.

The officer spoke to the man again on Oct. 18, and the man said his son was continuing to threaten him and he was concerned about his own well-being. A report was sent to the county prosecutor.

––A woman called to request a check of the well-being of her 9-year-old daughter, who was staying at her father’s Highway C residence at Licking, where the woman said he was supposedly cooking meth.

An investigating officer made contact with the father’s wife and the girl, and observed that the girl was fine. The officer reported finding no illicit materials at the location.

Oct. 21

––A man called at about 10 a.m. stating he needed to speak to an officer at his Mount Olive Road residence.

A deputy and two Missouri State Highway Patrol officers responded, but the deputy stated that they found nothing wrong. The man reportedly told the deputy he was going to speak to a priest and likely check himself in for treatment at Ozarks Medical Center.

––A Department of Agriculture representative called to request that a deputy accompany him to a 91-year-old man’s Nevill Road property at Cabool regarding horses with no water or food.

An investigating officer observed four horses in a pasture with no grass or hay, one of which was in dire condition. The man stated he would contact his daughter about coming to get the ill horse. He was told he had a week to make sure the other three were being properly fed and watered.

Texas County Jail admissions

Oct. 15

Troy C. Conley – Wright County hold

Michael J. Barbe – 24-hour commitment

Sean B. Murphy – 10-day commitment

Oct. 16

Justin T. Collins – DWI, possession of marijuana

Oct. 17

Scott E. Hoener – DWI, driving while revoked

James D. Cole – passing bad checks

Ronald E. Parrish – DWI, leaving scene of an accident

Michael J. Barbe – 48-hour commitment

Oct. 18

Roger A. Christ – stealing motor vehicle

Oct. 19

Sherman L. Hall – driving while revoked

Brian S. Farrar – 24-hour commitment

Benjamin C. Ogden – 30-day commitment

Todd E. Schell – Wright County hold

Lindsay R. Hodson – 48-hour commitment

Oct. 20

Benamin L. Aiton – Phelps County hold

Barbara K. Counts – passing bad checks

Erica D. Moore – hindering prosecution of a felony

Oct. 21

Cody A. Rockwell – DWI

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