Texas County authorities were sent to several crime scenes during the last week. 

Deputies investigate reports of thefts, assaults, aggressive dogs and more

Texas County Sheriff’s Department officers last week submitted written reports regarding a wide variety of investigations.

The following are summaries of some of those reports:

Nov. 18

––A 41-year-old Bucyrus man called to report that a generator valued at $800 and a pair of game cameras worth $150 had been stolen from a Crane Drive property. There are no suspects.

Nov. 19

––Deputies were dispatched at about 5:15 p.m. regarding a report by a woman that dogs were chasing her children at her Highway M residence at Cabool.

The woman told officers that three to five dogs had escaped from an adjacent animal shelter and chased her three kids. She also stated the same thing had happened before.

The owner of the shelter told an officer that the dogs are not mean, and that she would get help to find them and put them up. The owner called later the same night to say she had found and secured the dogs.

––A man called to report that he had found a box of copper plates while hunting on his property (location unidentified).

The items were determined to have come from the Durham Co. in Houston, and a manager there stated the plates were missing. Information and evidence about the theft was turned over to the Houston Police Department.

––A woman called at about 2:45 a.m. to report people running through the woods near her Bado Road residence. An investigating officer was unable to locate anyone.

––A deputy was dispatched at about 10:45 p.m. to a residence at a U.S. 63 trailer park regarding a report of a fight. The officer was unable to locate any people.

––Deputies were dispatched at about 12:15 a.m. regarding a report of trespassing at a Morton Road residence at Houston.

A 69-year-old man at the location told an investigating officer that on Nov. 16 at about 2 a.m. a car had driven down his driveway and then through a neighbor’s yard.

The officer made contact with the neighbor and determined he had been the driver. The neighbor stated he had been looking for his dog. The neighbor was warned about trespassing.

Nov. 20

––An officer reported that on Nov. 17 a man had called to report that the house he was watching for his neighbors while they were out of town had been broken into and a TV had been swiped.

The man stated that when he returned from hunting, he had found the back door open and the TV missing. He stated the door was secured with a screw that could only be removed with a special tool.

––An officer reported that on Nov. 8 a representative of the Texas County Jail had reported property damage done by a 26-year-old male inmate.

The inmate reportedly got mad and broke four food trays. An officer made contact with the inmate, who was advised he had a week to pay for the trays.

––An officer reported that on Nov. 16 a representative of a Licking scrap metal company had reported that someone had broken in and stolen a battery charger.

Nov. 21

––A 31-year-old Licking man reported that a Porter Cable nail gun valued at $369 had been stolen from the garage at his Highway VV residence. There are no suspects.

––A 43-year-old Cabool woman reported that a refrigerator valued at $1,700 and a stove valued at $500 had been stolen from her daughter’s Mills Road residence at Cabool.

The woman told an investigating officer that a neighbor had told her that her 34-year-old son-in-law had loaded the appliances onto a trailer and removed them from the premises. The officer stated that the daughter and son-in-law would be contacted about the situation.

––A Houston woman reported that as her daughter got off the school bus near her Morton Road residence, a man yelled at her. A description of the man’s vehicle was given to an investigating officer, but the officer determined the owner had been out of town for two weeks.

––An officer reported that on Nov. 13 he had responded to a report of a disturbance at a Stack Road residence at Mountain Grove.

The 56-year-old woman who had contacted the TCSD told the officer that her 39-year-old niece was at the location but was not supposed to be there, and had caused the disturbance. She also stated she believed the niece had a warrant.

The officer made contact with the woman, who was visibly upset and had blood on her face. The niece told the officer that her aunt had been there and had yelled at a man there.

After questioning and investigation, the officer arrested the aunt on charges second-degree assault, and she was taken to the Texas County Jail. The niece was found to have an active Mountain Grove warrant and was transported by a Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper to the Mountain Grove Police Department.

Nov. 22

––An officer responded at 4:20 a.m. to a report of prowlers at a Kofahl Road residence at Licking. The officer reported finding no signs of prowlers.

Texas County Jail admissions

Nov. 16

Bridgette M. Prock – second-degree burglary, theft

Shiloh N. Christ – 48-hour commitment

John E. Huskey – possession of controlled substance

Dylan W. Millhouse – DWI

Nov. 17

Evan M. Hensley – second-degree burglary

Brian S. Farrar – 24-hour commitment

Nov. 18

Nathan C. Huff – DWI, possession of marijuana

Nov. 19

Brian S. Farrar – 24-hour commitment

Dustin R. Odom – Crocker PD hold

Nov. 20

James T. Smith – DWI

Patrick A. Dodson – writ

Nov. 21

Robin L. Shelton – controlled substance

Nov. 22

Cody D. Martin – possession of controlled substance

Nov. 24

Brian S. Farrar – 96-hour commitment

Nov. 25

Stephen G. Podest – DWI, possession of marijuana

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