Texas County deputies are investigated a burglary at a golf course in western Texas County.

A 22-year-old Houston woman reported to the Texas County Sheriff’s Department on Nov. 7 that a palomino horse she owns – valued at $1,000 – was stolen from her former boyfriend’s Verbena Drive property at Plato.

The woman stated that she had recently obtained a court order to retrieve her belongings from the man’s residence, and when she went there to get her things, the horse was gone.

The man told an investigating officer that the woman recently had a group of people beat his son with a baseball bat, and on that night someone had opened a gate to a pasture where horses were kept.

He said he assumed she had taken the animal then.

The following are other matters dealt with last week by the sheriff’s department:

Nov. 5

––An officer investigated a call from a representative of the Humane Society in St. Louis regarding a horse in poor condition and without food at an Iron Mine Road property at Licking. Upon arrival, the officer didn’t observe one. A woman at the location told the officer that the horse was in bad shape when she got it and that it had been returned to its original owners.

Nov. 7

––A woman called at about 2:30 p.m. requesting that her roommate be removed from her Fisher Drive residence because he was drinking and causing problems. An investigating officer observed the roommate sleeping and causing no issues.

––An officer was dispatched to Texas County Memorial Hospital to make contact with a 22-year-old Licking man who claimed to have been assaulted the night before at a party near Shafer Road at Licking. The man was in the ER seeking treatment of his jaw, and told the officer a 25-year-old Edgar Springs man had hit him.

Nov. 9

––A woman called at about 7:45 p.m. to report gunshots near her Pine Road residence. An investigating officer made contact with a woman at the location who stated that her boyfriend had purchased a new gun and had fired it.

––A Houston woman called to report receiving a harassing phone call at her U.S. 63 residence from a female calling from a Houston trailer park. An officer advised the woman to contact the TCSD again if the calls continued.

––A man called at about 1:15 a.m. to report that another man had knocked on the door of his Highway M residence and asked if he could charge his cellular phone because his mother had been shot. An investigating officer was unable to make contact with the knocker or learn about any shooting.

Texas County Jail admissions

Nov. 5

Phyllis L. Swiney – DWI

Bobby L. Labbee – theft/stealing

Joshua R. Marr – possession of drug paraphernalia (Licking PD)

Dustin R. Odom – DWI (Houston PD)

Nov. 6

Michael G. Royal – 72-hour commitment

Leroy T. Boyer – 10-day shock

Teasha R. Clark – 10-day shock

Brian S. Farrar – 24-hour commitment

Nov. 7

Devon A. Mikel – possession of controlled substance (Phelps County)

Tierra A. Robertson – attempt to bring controlled substance into correctional facility

Donald L. Crane Jr. – burglary

Nov. 8

Bobby L. Labbee – failure to register motor vehicle

Elizabeth A. Knopfel – stealing under $500 (Houston PD)

David G. Sharp – non-support

Tina M. Dow – passing bad checks (Howell County)

Brian S. Farrar – 24-hour commitment

Nov. 9

Christine M. White – Dent County hold

Keith A. Briggs Jr. – theft/stealing

Nov. 10

Chase D. Mings – 48-hour commitment

William T. Nowlin – McDonald County hold

Nov. 12

Charles J. Smith – 48-hour commitment

Michael Royal – Four-day commitment

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