Eight citations were issued after investigations into two incidents, authorities said Monday.

A pair of Nov. 17 incidents resulted in local law enforcement authorities twice dealing with the same five Rolla residents resulting in a total of eight citations.

One took place at an Armstrong Road residence at Cabool, and resulted in all five being arrested by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department on charges of first-degree trespassing. The situation began to unfold when a man and woman called the TCSD indicating that they were caretakers of a man who lives at the location and that several people were trespassing there.

Before arriving at the scene, an investigating officer was also informed  property belonging to the owner was missing and had been seen parked by an old store that is also on the tract, just down the road from his home. Upon arrival, the officer observed it and went inside the old store, where he found a man asleep on a couch.

The man told the officer that he and several other people had come there with a friend, whose father owns the property, but that he didn’t know where the rest of the people were because he had fallen asleep.

After a Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper arrived to assist, the officers noticed the female caretaker coming down the road in a vehicle, honking a horn. She led them into a field and four people were immediately seen running into some adjacent woods.

After a short foot chase, the four were apprehended, arrested and taken to the Texas County Jail, along with the man on the couch.

Cited for trespassing were Derrick L. Cross, 22; Lucas T. Rabun, 20; Wynesha M. Blissit-Cookman, 17; Lacey M. Davis, 17; and Chance A. Hebblethwaite, 17, all of Rolla. The caretakers told officers that the man’s son had been warned that he was not welcome at his dad’s property.

On Nov. 19, a representative of the Houston Walmart called the Houston Police Department to report that the store’s mailbox had been stolen by three unknown males on Nov. 17.

After an investigation, Cross, Rabun, and Hebblethwaite were issued citations for stealing under $500.

The TCSD and Walmart surveillance video were both instrumental in identifying the trio. Video showed the suspects using a Jeep Cherokee, but also showed Hebblethwaite getting into an older model Dodge pickup also containing Blissit-Cookman and Davis. According to information provided by the sheriff’s department, the truck was the same one that had been reported stolen from the Cabool scene.

The two girls were not charged in the theft of the mailbox.

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