Numerous investigations were handled during the last week by the Houston Police Department. One stop led to a Taser being deployed.

Texas County Sheriff’s Department officers last week investigated a wide range of complaints and cases.

The following are summaries of reports submitted by officers about matters dealt with last week:

Oct. 29

––A 69-year-old Bucyrus man reported that unknown people had been trespassing at his Prairie Road property. The man stated the people had been riding horses there, and that he has had problems in the past with a fence being removed as part of an ongoing property dispute.

Oct. 30

––A Houston man called from his Beeler Road residence to report loud music coming from a neighbor’s home. When an investigating officer arrived, the music had stopped.

––Mountain View police called to report that an intoxicated woman who had been badly beaten was in a local emergency room. The officer stated that the woman would not provide any information, but that she was believed to be from Texas County.

Oct. 31

––A 43-year-old Mountain Grove woman reported that a Yardman riding mower valued at $160 had been stolen from her Highway MM residence. The woman named four people as suspects, including two she had purchased the mower from two days earlier.

Nov. 1

––A man reported at about 8 p.m. that he had seen two people in a field at his Highway 17 property and that as he approached them he thought they had pointed something at him. The man said he then fired his air rifle 10 times.

An investigating officer was unable to locate any suspects. The officer advised the man to put up a game camera.

––An officer was dispatched to a Burley Road location regarding a report of an ATV driving up and down the road at a high rate of speed. The officer was unable to locate it.

––An officer reported Oct. 31 he had investigated a report of a theft at a Timberline Road residence at Willow Springs. An 86-year-old man who lives at the location told the officer that he believed someone had been stealing fuel from his pickup truck. He said he had heard people walking around his home late at night and had heard the fuel door on the truck slam shut and had seen light from flashlights and heard voices.

The officer was unable to locate any new footprints, and advised the man to attempt to identify the suspects if they returned, or the type of vehicle they were using.

Nov. 2

––A representative of a snack foods company reported that a storage unit on U.S. 63 had been broken into and four boxes of sunflower seeds had been swiped. There are no suspects.

––A woman called at about 7:25 p.m. to report that a car was sitting on the dirt road next to her Highway C residence and that the driver might either need help or be spot-lighting. An investigating officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

––A woman called at about 10:15 a.m. to report that her son was causing problems and she wanted him to leave. She called back to report that he had.

––A 28-year-old Cabool man reported that his checkbook had been stolen out of his vehicle.

An investigating officer determined that after the theft, three checks had been written on the account at two locations in Cabool. The man was advised that the theft would be handled by the TCSD, and the forgery by the Cabool Police Department.

Nov. 3

––An officer reported Oct. 16 a 48-year-old Mountain Grove woman had reported that several items with a total value of $1,770 had been stolen from her Strain Drive residence.

The woman reportedly stated that while she and her husband were out of town, her step daughter and a friend had stayed at their house, and that during that time, gold rings valued at $800 and $600, along with a video game system valued at $370 were stolen.

The woman provided the name of the girl who was allegedly trying to pawn the items in West Plains. The West Plains Police Department was contacted, and investigation of the matter continues.

––An officer reported Nov. 1 he had investigated a report of a missing or stolen rifle.

The officer stated that a 68-year-old Houston man had told him that while he was cutting wood on his Barnes Road property, he had shot a squirrel with his Ruger .22-caliber weapon and then placed the gun in the cab of his truck. The man stated that he later saw another squirrel and went to get the gun, but it was gone.

He said he might have left it on top of the cab, but he didn’t think so. Local pawn shops were notified.

Nov. 4

––An officer reported Nov. 4 he had investigated a report of theft at a Highway UU residence at Solo.

An 83-year-old man who lives at the location told the officer that heavy-duty wire and materials for his welder had been swiped, and that he believed his step-grandson was to blame. He stated he often steals from him, and that he wanted the step-grandson gone. The officer advised the man to get a restraining order and eviction notice.

––An officer reported Nov. 2 he had investigated a report of a domestic disturbance at a Splitlimb Road residence at Raymondville.

A 20-year-old woman who lives at the location told the officer that her 30-year-old boyfriend had punched her in the stomach and that she was five months pregnant. She stated she didn’t want to press charges. The officer advised her to go to the hospital to be examined.

The officer made contact with the boyfriend, who said the incident took place in Dent County. Authorities there were contacted and provided information about the victim, suspect and a witness.

Texas County Jail admissions

Oct. 29

Barbara K. Counts – fraud (Howell County)

Oct. 30

Scott D. Comer – parole violation

Dawn D. Lord – controlled substance

Randall R. Shepherd – writ

Oct. 31

Eric S. Bilderback – 48-hour commitment

Kevin L. Massey – driving while revoked

Zachary A. Franklin – 24-hour commitment

Angela D. Briggs – possession of drug apparatus

Herbert L. Lewis – non-support

Roger A. Christ – Wright County hold

Nov. 1

Joseph P. Lukis – writ

Samuel C. Hood – writ

James D. Wakenight – writ

Daniel E. Duncan – controlled substance

Nov. 2

Brian S. Farrar – 24-hour commitment

Ryan D. Stagner – second-degree assault

Nov. 3

Quentin J. LaFevers – DWI, minor in possession

Nov. 4

Larry W. Twyford – DWI

Wesley S. Powell – DWI (Houston PD)

Nov. 5

Christina M.E. Brotherton – distribution of controlled substance

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