Texas County deputies are investigating several crimes in the county.

Texas County Sheriff’s Department officers were busy last week investigating numerous reports of break-ins and theft at homes and businesses around the county.

The following are summaries of some of those cases, and others dealt with last week by the sheriff’s department:

Nov. 26

––An officer reported that on Nov. 16 a 63-year-old Bucyrus man had contacted the TCSD regarding the theft of a Lennox air conditioning unit valued at $1,200 from his Indian Creek Road property.

The man also stated that several other items had been stolen during the previous few weeks, including an antique washing machine, a metal drag, a sewing machine and other miscellaneous items.

The officer traveled to the location and observed where the air conditioner had been situated, and determined it had last been seen on Nov. 12 by people working on the residence. The officer noted that there were no tire tracks in the soft ground, leading him to believe multiple suspects were involved in carrying the unit away.

––An officer reported that on Nov. 20 he had investigated a report of a break-in at a Murr Road residence at Cabool.

A 75-year-old man who leases the land that the home is on told the officer he was concerned that whoever broke in might have been involved in methamphetamine activity.

Upon arrival at the location, the officer noted that the gate to the property was chained, but not locked. The man stated it had been locked with a brass lock.

The offer also observed that an adjacent tool shed had been forced open, and that the rear door to the home was open.

A search of the building revealed no signs of meth production or use. There are no suspects.

––An officer was dispatched at about 10:40 a.m. to a Whitlock Road residence regarding a report from an anonymous caller that many animals were in small cages in a barn and being abused. Upon arrival, the officer observed three animals that were apparently well cared for and not in the barn.

Nov. 29

––An officer reported that on Nov. 5 a 57-year-old Houston man reported that numerous power tools with a total value of $563 had been stolen from a shed at his Iowa Road residence.

Nov. 30

––A 26-year-old Cabool man said a Stihl chainsaw valued at $317 had been stolen from the garage of his U.S. 63 residence. There are no suspects.

––An officer reported that on Nov. 25 he had investigated a report of a burglary at a Business U.S. 60 location at Mountain Grove.

An employee told the officer that he had found the glass on front door broken and a brick lying on the floor inside. He stated that a laptop computer valued at $100 had been swiped.

There are no suspects.

Dec. 1

––A 60-year-old Licking woman called to report that someone had attempted to break into her uncle’s vacant house on Brushy Creek Road. She stated she went to check on the residence and found the screen door open and the doorknob broken off, but said the door was stilled locked and nobody had apparently entered.

––A 72-year-old woman reported finding several pieces of jewelry in a pair of stores in Mountain View that had been stolen from her Highway JJ residence in Summersville.

The woman stated she had bought back some of the items, and had determined that they had been sold by a man who had been a guest in her home on several occasions. She provided copies of sale receipts bearing the man’s name to an investigating officer.

Investigation of the matter continues.

––An officer reported that on Nov. 30 he had been contacted by a 46-year-old Success man who stated his son was being bullied at school and his teacher was not doing anything about it.

The officer indicated he would contact the school.

Texas County Jail admissions

Nov. 26

Wayne A. Hall – DWI

David W. Wolfe – possession of controlled substance

Edward B. Belew – burglary, assault

Nov. 27

Chase A.M. Mira – no seat belt

Nov. 28

Melvin C. Nalley – Five-day commitment

Lori N. Walls – 48-hour shock

Jeremy L. Smith – breaking and entering

Nov. 29

David E. Collins – careless and imprudent driving, no license

Donald Hutson – writ

Patty Sabin – writ

William R. Wood – writ

Cole A. Romines – writ

Jason S. Allen – writ

Nov. 30

Justin L. Metcalf – 48-hour commitment

Joseph L. Rhyno – Seven-day commitment

Nathan W. Monteith – 48-hour commitment

Dec. 2

Clayton Taylor – DWI (Houston PD)

Kami J. Miller – DWI

Laura Mullen – possession of marijuana

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