A Success man is charged with several felonies following an incident Tuesday.

A Texas County Sheriff’s Department officer responded Saturday to a Highway AF residence near Licking where two men and two women were involved in a physical altercation involving a box-cutting knife.

The officer stated that upon arrival, he observed two extremely intoxicated people with visible injuries being treated by ambulance personnel.

The officer spoke to the man who owns the home, who said a man and a woman had broken a window out in the door and tried to force their way in. The homeowner stated he confronted the man, and the two got into a fight on the front porch.

He stated that at that point, his wife cut the suspect with a box-cutting knife. The wife reportedly confirmed cutting the suspect, and stated she was concerned for the safety of her two children, who were inside.

The woman who allegedly attempted to break in with the man told the officer that all parties involved ended up being cut up in a wrestling-like scuffle, but she wasn’t sure how.

The officer sent probable cause statements to the county prosecutor seeking charges against three of the people involved: First-degree burglary and third-degree assault for the male break-in suspect, second-degree property damage and first-degree trespass for the female break-in suspect, and second-degree assault for the wife who used the box-cutting knife.

The officer reported that the man and woman who tried to break in had active warrants and were taken to the Texas County Jail after being released from the hospital.

The following are other matters dealt with last week by the sheriff’s department:

Dec. 7

––An officer responded at about 2:40 p.m. to a report of a starving dog at a Highway 137 property at Raymondville. Upon arrival, the officer observed that the animal had sufficient food and water.

––The TCSD received information from the Missouri School Violence Hotline that a male Plato High School student had brought brass knuckles to school.

The school principal was contacted, who stated he was aware of the situation and that the student had been suspended for 20 days.

Dec. 8

––A 47-year-old Houston woman reported that a Husqvarna chainsaw valued at $450 had been stolen from her Hayes Drive residence.

The woman named a 34-year-old man and 41-year-old woman (both of Licking) as suspects, and said that the pair had come to her home and she had noticed the saw missing shortly after they left.

Summersville police were contacted with a request to find the suspects’ vehicle. The vehicle and suspects were reportedly located, but not the saw.

Investigation of the matter continues.

Dec. 9

––A Mountain Grove man reported that he and another man had found a burning purse at a location on Oak Tree drive.

The men reportedly extinguished the fire and called the TCSD. Authorities inspected the purse and found a man’s driver’s license. He was to be contacted.

––An officer reported that on Dec. 8 a Mountain Grove woman had called indicating that a vehicle had apparently run off of Red Springs Road and damaged a fence post on her property. No calls for a tow truck occurred from the area, and there are no suspects.

Dec. 10

––An officer reported that on Nov. 23 a 44-year-old Mountain View woman had contacted the TCSD after finding a bag near Beaver Creek Bridge on Red Springs Road that appeared to contain materials related to manufacturing methamphetamine.

An investigating officer went to the location and found two bags containing bottles with tubes protruding from them. The scene was photographed, but no evidence was found indicating who left the bags there.

An officer returned to the location on Nov. 29 and recovered more bottles with tubes. A field test was conducted which came up positive for meth.

––An officer reported that on Dec. 9 a 58-year-old Licking woman had contacted the TCSD indicating that a man had broken into a Boone Creek Road residence and drank alcoholic beverages that were inside.

The woman stated that a second man had informed her of the incident. The officer traveled to the location and observed a broken bedroom window. Photographs were taken, and the suspect and informant were each to be contacted.

Texas County Jail admissions

Dec. 3

James I. Lenoir – writ

Richard C. Bunch – writ

Elijah W. Moore – writ

Bryan J. Kilpatrick – writ

Chad A. Stevenson – DWI

Michael P. Cooper – writ

Dec. 4

Terris D. Carlson – trespassing

Amber D. Kirk – 48-hour commitment

Terry P. Bisher – bond revoked

Wade L. Spencer – 48-hour commitment

Dec. 5

Brittany D. Carpenter – burglary (Wright County)

Austin M. Denton – burglary

Dec. 6

Joseph L. Rhyno – 48-hour commitment

Christopher W. Crane – 15-day commitment

Tommy D. Matchell – DWI, driving while revoked

Dec. 7

James P. Knight – DWI

Dec. 8

Tonya B. Pollock – Butler County hold

Scott B. Hoylman – Wayne County hold

Matthew Berry – DWI

David Lange – probation and parole hold

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