Texas County deputies investigated several crimes in the county during the last week.

The following are other matters dealt with last week by sheriff’s department officers:

Dec. 27

––An officer reported that a 27-year-old Ava woman called on Dec. 22 to report that a 500-gallon propane tank was missing from a Lone Pine Road property at Mountain Grove that is owned by a relative of hers.

The woman told an investigating officer that a tenant stated the tank had been taken away for repair of a damaged seam. She said the tenant had not paid any rent after being there seven weeks and that she either wanted the tank back or charges pursued.

Dec. 28

––A 29-year-old Houston woman called to report that a chainsaw owned by a 50-year-old Summersville man had been stolen from his Highway 17 residence.

An officer advised the woman to have the man call and provide the unit’s serial number. The man called and stated he didn’t want to file a report and would just take the loss.

––A woman called to report that her 16-year-old neighbor was shooting from the roadway near her Antioch Drive residence.

An investigation officer determined that the boy was on his own driveway and that the incident was part of an ongoing land dispute between neighbors.

––A man called to report a cow on his Bean Creek Road property. An investigating officer stated that the cow’s owner has not been located.

Texas County Jail admissions

Dec. 24

Joseph R. Sutton – failure to return rental property

Dec. 26

James D. Cole – passing bad checks

Roger A. Christ – property damage

Jacqueline Pribble – Randolph County hold

Charles E. Doucette – Fordland PD hold

Dec. 27

Travis J. Shelley – assault

Eddie Day – writ

Nathaniel R. Clouse – House for Wright County

Cody E. Bonham – House for Wright County

Robert A. Doughten – House for Wright County

Robert L. Mabe – House for Wright County

Tyler M. Anderson – House for Wright County

Lisa M. Hunt – House for Wright County

Robin L. Shelton – House for Wright County

Dec. 28

Deeann M. Morris – DWI

Dec. 29

Forest N. Maxey – animal abuse

Dec. 30

David L. Murdy – Howell County hold

Jeff Holford Jr. – bond revocation

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