The Houston City Council filled a vacancy Thursday night. 

The Houston City Council heard Tuesday a firm is interested in constructing an assisting living facility in the community.

Ron Reed, economic development director for the city, reported to the council that a company is conducting a feasibility study on such a complex that would include 40-60 beds. The council has long sought such a service in the community — where apartments for seniors and nursing home beds exist — but there is a gap between.

Several local residents are been forced to other communities because of the lack of availability.

A positive financial analysis will be required for the effort to move forward, the city cautioned.

In other matters, members:

—Heard an effort to correct property lines with the Duff family and the new nearby Rutherford Park are under way on the western rim of the Houston Memorial Airport. Once completed, a layout and design of the park will begin. Two small soccer fields and a picnic area are planned. The city secured a grant that pays 45 percent of the work — with the city paying the rest in work, in-kind contributions and materials.

—Referred about $2,924 in bad utility debt to its collection agency.

—Learned that a recent planned electrical outage lasted just shy of three hours beginning Friday night. Sho-Me Power Corp. replaced four poles — including one in the city along Thomasville Road. City Administrator Larry Sutton said the work was critical to preventing an outage in the event of ice: One pole was already broken, and workers noticed woodpeckers had drilled a 6- to 8-inch hole. The new poles, which carried a main line into the city, were fitted with fiber mesh and caps at the top to prevent further damage.

City crews also replaced some transformers while the power was off.

—Heard that work to upgrade the tree environment continues at Emmett Kelly Park. The removal of some trees will be followed by doubling the population with plantings in the spring.

—Received an update on plans for new airport hangars. Bids will be opened in March.

—Learned a vendor had worked on the north and south emergency warning system after sirens sounded mysteriously. The frequencies were reviewed.

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